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Animal Hoarding is Part of the Lesser Known Hoarder

When we think of hoarders, we don’t often associate them with animal hoarding. Instead, hoarding is usually related with overflowing junk in someone’s home. However, animal hoarding is a growing problem in the United States.

Help Stop Animal Hoarding

There needs to be tougher animal control across the United States. It is too easy for hoarders to accumulate a lot of animals. It’s also not difficult for them to start collecting them again after they are caught and charged with one violation.

We often forget that many of these people are mentally ill, so they don’t just need citations from their local cities, they also need psychological evaluations, or they will continue to repeat their offenses against helpless animals.

In many cases, these people keep the animals in their homes, which are usually contaminated with urine and feces. It’s usually a neighbor who turns these types of hoarders over to authorities. Family members will often tolerate the situation as long as they can before they move out, or try to seek help.

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