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Black Friday

Ahhh American consumerism and Black Friday! Isn’t it crazy to see what people will do for a $4 toaster or $14 vacuum cleaner?!! Black Friday is one of those days that transform penny pinching shoppers into absolute morons. With all the coverage of Black Friday and Christmas shopping I think about what this holiday means to my clients.

Often times when I’m shopping, I find myself analyzing what people have in their shopping cart and judging what kind of person they are. I do this at places like Target, the grocery store, or Walgreens. It may not be appropriate to stereotype a person based on what’s in the cart, but I have been around hoarders enough to spot them from a distance. Once I suspect the shopper is a hoarder, I love to say hello, offer a smile and strike up a conversation, simply because I know how isolated they can be outside the doors of the store.

I have wondered what Black Friday does to someone who is addicted to bargains, deals and buying in excess. Although, on that day the entire store is filled with shoppers who all seemingly look like a hoarders on speed, all wound up and ready to spend!

The problem with hoarding and having excess is that it is intensified around Christmas. I can’t tell you how many homes I have been in homes with Christmas gifts for children, grandchildren or friends that never make it past the front door. The thought was there, but the gift stayed. People say it is the thought that counts, but somehow the action to give the gift is missing with many of my clients. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in homes and asked if we can get rid something, only to hear “well my daughter gave me it as a gift, so I want to keep it.”

So my advice If you suspect someone has a problem with having too much stuff, a present is probably not the most thoughtful thing you can give. Time, love and companionship are the best gifts you can give someone who struggles with things.