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5 Stages of Hoarding

Some psychological disorders are very difficult for the average individual to understand. If someone isn’t being victimized by one of these disorders, it’s hard for them to understand how certain disorders lead to certain behaviors like hoarding. The act of hoarding is sometimes troubling to witness. It begs a couple of questions, why would anyone...

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What causes hoarding

You notice that a loved one has started hoarding things in their home. As the problem worsens, you begin to realize something is not right. Eventually, your might learn that your loved one is suffering from a hoarding disorder. By definition from the Mayo Clinic website, a hoarding disorder is “a persistent difficulty discarding or...

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What Is Hoarding Disorder?

Have you ever wondered why some people collect all kinds of worthless junk? Junk is defined as goods with no real value, even sentimental value. So, someone who has what doctors call “hoarding disorder” doesn’t collect things like stamps, coins, jewelry, or other items that have value. Anyone who suffers from the disorder tends to...

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How to Overcome Hoarding

Do you know someone who hoards items or animals? Perhaps you have a neighbor, friend, co-worker, or family member who finds it impossible to throw things away. In its most basic form, the problem called “hoarding disorder” refers to the inability to get rid of objects, or in some cases animals, that are no longer...

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Carpet Removal Services

Even the best carpeting was never intended to last forever. There will come a time when it simply starts to wear out or the colors start to fade. Sometimes, people just want to make a change and redecorate their homes. This is especially true at a time when hardwood floors are gaining in popularity. If...

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