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Are You a Compulsive Hoarder? A Self-Quiz

Hoarding occurs for many reasons. When it involves compulsive hoarding disorders, it can become a difficult issue. Sometimes you may not realize that you’re having symptoms, here is a basic compulsive hoarding quiz to evaluate yourself. Compulsive Hoarding Self-Quiz Answer yes or no to the following questions. The more statements you strongly agree with; the...

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Hoarding in Colorado – What is Hoarding?

Hoarding in Colorado is just like hoarding across the United States. However, some people are still confused by the word. What is Hoarding? People who hoard have difficulty discarding items, have problems with too much clutter, and/or have a problem with acquiring too much. Their living spaces are often so cluttered that they can no...

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Humanizing Hoarders

I stand beside my hoarders and speak for them. My mission is to educate and bring awareness to the public on this VERY common issue, that impacts those suffering with the disorder, friends and family members, landlords, neighbors, city officials and more. The problems manifested from hoarding are as unique as each individuals we meet....

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