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Shel Silverstein was a Hoarder!

OK so I have no real evidence to suggest this is true. I also admired and respected him as one of my favorite poets. But in his book Where the Sidewalk Ends he paints a picture of what I see on a regular basis! These poems bring back childhood memories for me, maybe they do...

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Battling Gross Filth

I have great understanding, experience and knowledge in dealing with hoarding. What I fail to have is the same understanding, experience and knowledge in dealing with squalor syndrome.  Very similar issues yet totally different conditions! I have to admit all compassion, love and understanding went out the window on this job!  Because it was an eviction,...

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Loneliness is a Beast

After four years of providing a service to seniors and hoarders who need to get rid of their clutter and junk, I’ve  realized one of the most common problems these people face is loneliness.   We are social beings and we are meant to spend time with others.  Human touch and interaction are a necessity.  We...

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To Go or Not to go….

One of the most stressful situations for those who have accumulated an excess amount of stuff is eviction.  We have helped counsel and clean out a tremendous amount of clients who were faced with either getting rid of their stuff or getting rid of their home. To someone unfamiliar with the illness of hoarding this...

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Oh Crap!

It was the absolute best shower I have EVER had. Even better than the shower you take after a week of camping. It was better than the first shower back after visiting Haiti one summer. Not only was I washing the grime from my body, I was trying to wash away what I witnessed a...

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