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At Clutter Trucker, we help your family declutter and restore living spaces so you can begin to recover.

At Clutter Trucker, we help your family declutter and restore living spaces so you can begin to recover.

We safely remove and clean up Hoarding clutter with:

  • Care
  • Consideration
  • Respect

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Helping Clients With Hoarding Disorder Remain Safe In Their Homes

We understand that the “clutter” people have accumulated over time is full of memories. Your belongings are not all junk. Eliminating the “clutter” and even trash is sometimes difficult or emotional. We can help! You’ll have peace of mind in knowing you made the right call.

We work hard to earn your trust.

  • The single item must be curb-side and ready for pick up.
  • ​We have personal and firsthand experience in helping clients with hoarding disorder. 
  • ​We have experience in working with city and county officials for mandatory clean outs. When facing crisis situations we understand exactly what needs to be done to stay in the home.

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Only have a single Item? No worries

On-Going Support Services for Hoarders

It takes special training and experience to understand and help Hoarders through the process of decluttering and moving past the mental barriers that create habitual patterns. Clutter Trucker’s Hoarding Pater Care program Includes routine cleaning of the home and access to counselors to help Hoarders recover for good. There is no need to be embarrassed, ashamed or afraid, we understand hoarding and can help.

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Why Hoarding Cleanup? What’s our Story?

Clutter Trucker’s owner, Jennifer Hanzlick, was inspired to create a business to help people remove the junk and clutter from their homes after she and her mother experienced her grandparent’s hoarding behaviour firsthand. While painstakingly cleaning out her grandparents’ home. she realised that there is a major need for this service that no other local business was meeting. She found that many people are overwhelmed with the amount of clutter or junk in their homes and are unable to move past the behaviours that create hoarding situations. They want to get rid of the junk, but don’t know where to start and need extra help. That’s where Clutter Trucker is proud to step in. 

Our staff is fully licensed an insured, allowing us to take the extra steps to remove clutter and deep clean your home.We take extra care and work with compassion to sort and remove hoarding messes so your spaces are left clean and you can begin to move on. 

There isn’t much glamor in hoarding cleanup but we LOVE what we do because of the way it makes people feel.

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