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Forty Nine Dollars and Ninety Five Cents

$49.95.  That was how much I had in my bank account! I had no scheduled jobs and the bills were piling up. I’ll never forget that day. It was in March 2009.  My stomach was in knots; my head is spinning with question marks.  What should I do? What can I do? I need to do something! I questioned if I was cut out to be a Business Owner.

It’s not for everyone that much I know. You find out real quick if you have what it takes to handle the downside to being your own boss and having a fluctuating income. Can you stomach the pain?

  • You find out how long it really takes to have your power, water, cable and phone bills cut off.
  • Reduced to window shopping and forced to stand back and watch as friends actually purchased new clothes.
  • You start to question what your jewelry is worth at a pawn shop.
  • Must contain your composure and not flip out when your kids moan about the fact  they have to eat spaghetti again.
  • Are we actually searching the Westword for ladies night free drink  specials?!

Eventually the phone did ring. It’s the unexpected call with a big job that would carry me through to the next month and then the next.  After those phone calls I would celebrate; jump, yell, clap my hands, similar to the unstoppable feeling when you’re on a HOT craps table! Sheer joy!!!