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How to get rid of hot tub or jacuzzi

how to get rid of hot tub or jacuzzi

Sooner or later, that old hot tub or jacuzzi will have to go. You will likely still have all of the fond memories of relaxing in the warm bubbling water, but the old recreational option will eventfully need to go or be replaced.

As you contemplate your next move once you have decided it’s out with the old, you’ll likely start pondering how to get rid of hot tub. As you look at the monstrosity that is sitting in your back yard, that is when it will hit that jacuzzi removal or hot tub disposal is not an easy task. Before you panic, you should wonder if there might be a hot tub removal service near me. Most likely, there is such a service.

In the following sections, we will run through the ways of how to get rid of hot tub. We might even touch on ways or how to get rid of a hot tub that doesn’t work. In the end, you should have a good idea of how to handle this burdensome task.

Ways or How to Get Rid of Hot Tub if Salvageable

Assuming you don’t yet see your hot tub or jacuzzi as a piece of junk, it might still be salvageable. If it is, there are several useful ways that you can make your jacuzzi removal beneficial to you. Here are your options:

Sell It

Selling your jacuzzi or hot tub can benefit you in two ways. First, it can put some money in your pocket, a bit of return on your initial investment. Second, a good deal would include putting the burden of removing your jacuzzi or hot tub on the buyer. That’s called killing two birds with one stone.

Use It for a Trade-in

It might be that you just want a bigger or new jacuzzi or hot tub will all of the latest fun features. If that is the case and what you have now still has life, you might well be able to work a trade-in deal with your local jacuzzi/hot tub dealer. As part of the deal, you can get them to do the jacuzzi removal or hot tub disposal for you. Again, you get to kill two birds with one stone.

old hot tub removal repurpose


Maybe, your jacuzzi/hot tub still looks good in your backyard. The fact it doesn’t work as intended might not be as big a problem as you might have imagined.

Perhaps, this is the perfect opportunity for you to challenge yourself and get creative. In fact, there are some interesting ways you can repurpose your jacuzzi/hot tub and give it new value. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cover it with foliage or ivy and turn it into a coy pond
  • Remove the metal parts, add rubber lining, and turn it into a kiddie pool or sand box
  • Use it as a planter for your favorite flowers and plants
  • Turn it over, add an overhang, and turn into some kind of gazebo

These are just a few ideas. It should be enough to perhaps stir the creative fires you have burning inside of you. If you can find a repurpose option, you won’t need anything removed, just a little handiwork.

Junk It, Trash It, Get Rid of It Fast

If you come to realize that all of the above options are ways or how to get rid of a hot tub that doesn’t work, it could be all you have left in your backyard is junk. What do we all do with junk?

Well, hoarders tend to just let things pile up and let things look like a mess. That is probably not what you want to do. You might decide to try to disassemble it yourself and take it to the junkyard, but that could be a bigger job than you would expect. If you are not into wasting time, effort, and money to get rid of your eyesore, we have a better solution for you.

Very likely, you will want to find a hot tub removal service near me solution. Jacuzzi removal and hot tub disposal are actually two services we are proud to provide.

When outsourcing such a task, you want junk removal professionals who know what they are doing. The fact is you want to get rid of that eyesore as soon as possible. What you don’t want is a burly group of unskilled workers coming onto your property and ending up doing damage to something other than the intended target. Adding injury to insult, they might overcharge for the privilege of doing more harm than good.

You want a professional junk removal expert.

jacuzzi removal

Let Us Handle Your Junk and Trash

Your best option is to call us and lets us take care of your problem. We will show up on time at the scheduled time. We will disassemble and handle the jacuzzi disposal or hot tub removal quickly, efficiently, and quietly without any damage to your other property. Even better, we will provide the highest level of customer service possible at an affordable price that you won’t believe.

You’ll be happy to know that we will treat your junk as a treasure. If we see any value whatsoever, we will do all we can to recycle the materials or donate the jacuzzi/hot tub to a worthy cause. We are committed to the environment and only head to the landfills when we feel there is no other alternative.

Other Services

By the way, jacuzzi removal is just one of our specialties. If you have other junk that you would like us to clean up and remove, we will be happy to do that as well at a very affordable price. That would include:

When the time comes to turn your jacuzzi/hot tub into nothing more than some pleasant memories, we want you to call us at Clutter Trucker. You can trust us to do the job you are paying us to do.