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We confront hoarding in Denver and other parts of Colorado each day. No hoarding clean up or junk removal is easy. Although, there are patterns, no job is the same.

Not even eviction notices can force some hoarders to change their ways. It takes an extreme amount of love and kindness from family, friends, and professionals.

In this episode of Hoarding Buried Alive – No One Would Choose This, Southern California, Cheryl wants to salvage everything her husband tries to throw away. She feels she needs everything. Many hoarders feel that they will be able to use everything one day, but they never do.

Cheryl and David are both on their second marriage, and David had no idea that she had hoarding issues before their marriage.

In Southern Virginia, Michelle and her son Daniel are squeezed into a small two-bedroom house. They moved here because of Michelle’s hoarding problems at their small apartment.

She avoided one eviction by using a U-Haul truck to pack her junk. She just drove the clutter around the corner and when the inspection was over, she moved all of it back in her place.

Every room is a place of storage. Daniel can never invite friends over, because he is too embarrassed by the junk. The only room where they have a little space is shared by their dog and three cats.

Michelle has been a hoarder since Daniel was younger. Although Daniel sees it as junk, each piece of clutter is precious to her.

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