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Are You a Compulsive Hoarder? A Self-Quiz

Hoarding occurs for many reasons. When it involves compulsive hoarding disorders, it can become a difficult issue. Sometimes you may not realize that you’re having symptoms, here is a basic compulsive hoarding quiz to evaluate yourself.

Compulsive Hoarding Self-Quiz

Answer yes or no to the following questions. The more statements you strongly agree with; the greater the probability of a diagnosis of compulsive hoarding.

1. I will keep multiple copies of identical items. Just in case.

2. I feel ashamed by the state of my house

3. My quantity of personal possessions causes family discord

4. It is difficult to walk through certain areas of my house, due to the quantity of possessions

5. There are certain rooms in my house that cannot be used as they were intended for, due to the amount of personal belongings stored within

6. Sometimes when I throw something out, I later change my mind and retrieve it out of the garbage

7. I often misplace items amongst the clutter

8. I do not like to have visitors over to see the way I live

9. I sometimes buy many copies of similar items, more than I need

10. When I try to throw things out, I feel anxiety

11. I keep old newspapers or magazines, so that I have access to that information if needed

12. Some of the chairs or tables in my house are unusable, as they have been covered with possessions

13. I do not like it when friends of family members handle my belongings

14. I like to keep any belonging with sentimental value

15. I love bargains and will buy things that are great deals, even if I do not need them

16. Some people consider the possessions that I keep and love to be “junk”

17. I spend a lot of time thinking about my belongings

18. There are things in my house that need repairing, that are not getting fixed due to the clutter

19. I buy things that I do not need, especially when they are “good deals”

20. I cannot control my urges to buy new possessions

21. The clutter in my house keeps me from doing things that I want to do

22. The clutter in my house feels “overwhelming”

Although not a clinical evaluation of compulsive hoarding, the more statements that you strongly identify with, the greater the likelihood that you have a problem with compulsive hoarding.

If you have a problem with hoarding and decide you want treatment, then cognitive behavioral therapy, and sometimes medication, can help you to overcome your disorder and take back control of the way you live.

Nowhere Near Normal

In the video below, Sharon has lived a life of hoarding since her divorce. Her two sons haven’t lived at home since the divorce, so she lives at home. Her friend and neighbor Fran had not been inside Sharon’s home for more than  years. She was shocked to see what the house looked like, and equally shocked to see that Sharon had taken things from her home without asking.

Mel doesn’t remember the last time he’s used his kitchen to cook. His daughter Nina feels like he’s living in the past and does not want to move forward. Again, after a divorce more than 20 years ago, he has never been the same.

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