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How To Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company?

As a commercial business owner/manager/operator, you face the challenges of keeping customers coming through the business’s doors. It’s not an easy thing to do. After all, your competitors are always laying in wait for opportunities to claim the customers who don’t or won’t come your way.

Commercial Cleaning Company Tech at Work

Are you aware of how important the cleanliness of your business facility is to customers? Of course, that is especially true if you are running a food service business or an office where customer access is permitted and or encouraged. Surely, you are aware of your responsibility to keep your facility clean. That responsibility encompasses serving customers as best you can while upholding government cleanliness standards.

The best way to choose a commercial cleaning and commercial junk removal services is to make sure they can offer you benefits from doing so.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

For sure, it’s difficult to keep a commercial business environment as clean as you might want it to be. That is exactly why hiring a commercial cleaning company is clearly the best option you have at your disposal.

For commercial cleaning in Denver, it’s difficult to find better pro cleaners in Denver than Clutter Trucker. Assuming you want help from one of the top Denver cleaning companies, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can benefit from our professional Denver business cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Denver CO

Saves your business time and money

Cleaning That Saves You Time and Money

It costs money to hire a janitorial staff, the bigger the business, the bigger the janitorial staff needs to be. The simple hiring and maintaining of such staff can put a drain on both financial and time resources. Also, it’s not always a good idea to drop cleaning responsibilities into the laps of employees who are hired to handle other responsibilities.

The simple act of hiring a professional cleaning company to handle restaurant or office cleaning responsibilities eliminates a lot of potential problems and costs. This is due to the effectiveness and efficiency of professional cleaners who are properly trained and equipped to handle such responsibilities.

It doesn’t hurt those professional cleaners can be contracted to clean when a business is otherwise closed to the public.

When employees get sick, companies lose out on worker efficiency and sometimes revenue. Regular commercial cleaning in Denver with highly-effective non-toxic chemicals often results in the elimination of the dirt, grime, and bacteria that can contribute to employee illnesses.

Provides a clean and healthy work environment for employees

Clean and Healthy Work Environment

Creates a positive impression for customers

Clean Facility Suits the Customers

When a business facility looks and smells clean, it’s something that sticks in the minds of customers. The positive impression that creates increases the likelihood that customers will return. When a business facility looks and smells clean, it’s something that sticks in the minds of customers. The positive impression that creates increases the likelihood that customers will return.

Arguably, trained and equipped cleaners are going to do a better job of cleaning commercial businesses and creating good impressions whether it be restaurant or office cleaning.

As a professional Denver business cleaning company, we feel obligated to use the best and safest cleaning products available. By safest cleaning products, we are referring to products that are eco-friendly and made with non-toxic chemicals. Businesses greatly benefit from the fact that responsible cleaners will employ the use of “commercial-grade” cleaning products.

No exposure to potentially toxic cleaning chemicals

Commercial Grade Cleaning Products

Improves employee morale

Happy Employees

There is a psychology connected to how a work environment affects the effectiveness, and efficiency of employees. If a work environment is always clean and smells fresh, employees will feel better about going to work. A better attitude about going to work often translates into happier employees who work harder to help the business succeed.

It would be ridiculous for someone to attempt to argue that a janitor or regular employees would do a better job of cleaning than pro cleaners in Denver. After all, professional commercial cleaners only have one job. That job is to clean commercial business facilities to the best of their abilities. The ability to be effective cleaners is enhanced by the fact professional cleaners get access to commercial-grade cleaning products and training on the best cleaning practices.

Higher level of cleanliness

Higher Level of Cleanliness

Increases the life expectancy of business assets

Increases the life expectancy of business assets

As part of a commercial business cleaning, cleaners will often be required to clean office or restaurant equipment, furniture, security features, HVAC systems, vents, etc. The simple act of cleaning said business assets can add life expectancy to these assets. That could translate to significant money savings in the future.

When office equipment and HVAC systems get a good cleaning, it often increases the efficiency related to how they operate. It’s widely known that efficient equipment puts less drain on a business’s energy system. Less drain on an energy system is going to translate to lower costs for utilities like gas and electricity.

Improves energy efficiency

Improves energy efficiency

Why Professional Commercial Cleaning is a Better Option Than the DIY Approach

As a little extra motivation to get you to strongly consider hiring a commercial cleaning company like Clutter Trucker, it makes sense to point out why it’s almost always a better option than trying to DIY or the hiring of janitors.

If you really want your business clean every day, someone has to clean it properly every day. If someone is not trained to properly clean commercial facilities, important things will get missed. It’s not often that DIYers and janitors will keep a checklist to make sure things don’t get missed. Commercial cleaners do maintain such checklists.

It’s also true that commercial cleaners will take on cleaning responsibilities that laypersons might try to avoid. We are referring to doing what’s necessary to get at that hard-to-reach dirt and grime, the same dirt and grime that exposes employees and customers to unhealthy bacteria.

Finally, professional cleaners are always willing and able to take on extra tasks if requests are made and the prices are agreeable. At Clutter Trucker, here are some of the extra commercial cleaning services we offer:

  • Building and office deep cleaning
  • Cubicle cleaning on a cubicle-by-cubicle basis
  • For restaurants: cleaning of appliances (freezers, ovens, grease vats) and dining furniture
  • Organize clutter around the facility
  • Decluttering service – inside and outside of the facility
  • Building power-washing
  • Washing of windows and window coverings
  • Cleanup after corporate events and meeting
  • Trash and junk removal
Professional Commercial Cleaning in Denver CO

It’s important to note that we take a very responsible approach to the removal of trash and junk. If we feel the stuff can still be used or repurposed, we might donate it on your behalf to a charitable organization. If any items can be recycled, we will drop them off at a local recycling center. As for the rest, it’s off to a landfill where it will be disposed of in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Why Contact Clutter Trucker?

Considering the benefits of commercial cleaning in Denver for your business, it doesn’t make sense that you would choose any other option. For more information about our services at Clutter Trucker, we strongly suggest you give us a call at your earliest convenience. You’ll soon realize we offer a complete menu of commercial cleaning services at prices that are competitive and always affordable.