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Humanizing Hoarders

I stand beside my hoarders and speak for them. My mission is to educate and bring awareness to the public on this VERY common issue, that impacts those suffering with the disorder, friends and family members, landlords, neighbors, city officials and more.

The problems manifested from hoarding are as unique as each individuals we meet. Yet the lessons we learn are universal and can be advantageous to all of us.

The truth is that someone you know is distressed by hoarding, whether you are aware or not, and the things I do and see are dirty and sometimes down right disgusting. I won’t hide that.

I share what cleaning up another person’s poo has taught me about mind control. I will answer questions I get asked on a regular basis, Have you ever seen dead animals? What is craziest thing I have found? How can I do what I do?

The people we help are genuine, intelligent, funny, and have a magnitude of experience that will help others. I change names to maintain privacy. I will humanize my hoarders!