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If You Love It Let It Go | We Deal With Estate Cleanout

Our client today was Judy, who needed help with her mother’s estate cleanout. Trapped by feeling of fear, quilt, memories and pain, Judy waited 3 years before deciding what to do with her mother’s things.   Her mother died unexpectedly and the thought of getting rid of all of her personal belongings overwhelmed Judy. This was not a hoarder house, far from it. It was a nice condo with all of her furnishing, clothing, jewelry, towels, and even dishes in the dishwasher.


deep estate cleanout


For 3 years Judy has been thinking about what to do. She tells me on the way inside, her mom would be so disappointed to know she was giving her things away.  All those things her mom loved, the knick knacks, the ceramics and the quilts were going to have to be taken somewhere.  Judy had finally accepted it was time to move on.  Her family took what they wanted but had no room or desire to take everything remaining.

I can feel her anxiety and nervousness.  I reassure her and tell her it is not about the “things”.   I tell her she should not feel guilty about moving on.  It is okay to let them go. It is about your relationships, your memories, and the legacy. And it’s about freeing yourself to move forward.

I am reminded of the saying “if you love it, let it go”.  I know, it is not easy to let it go.   It may hurt like hell for a period of time.  You may have a hole in your heart.  Certain thoughts may cause emotions to come crashing in a like a wave. But in time the pain will subside.   With a smile on your face,  you can treasure every memory, think of all of the good times. Realize everything you have learned and everything along the way that has helped you become who you are.  Look at your future with  a new perspective. A love that strong doesn’t go away.  A love that strong remains, perhaps forever.

How can we help you?

We never know what life is going to challenge us with. If you have recently lost a loved one and want to deal as gently as possible with that person’s worldly possessions, a company like Clutter Trucker can help in many different ways with an estate cleanout.

deep estate cleanout after death

First, we’ll walk through the property with you so you can identify what you want to keep and what needs to be taken away for recycling or disposal. The decision is yours. The advantage of using Clutter Trucker for this delicate task is three-fold, because our expert team members will help you:

  • Decide if something should be kept or might be better going to a donation/recycling location.

  • Identify large groups of items and simply label them as “keep” or “take away.”

  • Deal quickly and efficiently with any quantity of items or personal goods. That way, you won’t feel as if the job is hanging over your head for weeks and weeks.

  • Avoid having to deal with routine clean-up chores or even deep estate cleanout after stored goods have piled up and not been properly looked after.

  • Find closure and “say goodbye” to a place or group of personal items that you need to dispose of but just need someone else to take care of.

  • Get any space cleaned out and cleaned up in a very short period of time.

There’s no reason to put off until tomorrow what you can have Clutter Trucker do today. Our teams have done hundreds of clean-outs and helped grieving people properly, tastefully reorganize their lives. Call us today for a free quote. We’re always glad to be of assistance.