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What is Hoarding Buried Alive – Family Secrets About?

Room-by-room, hoarding took over the life of Mike and Cindy’s house. Cindy Carrol is a compulsive hoarder. She began hoarding 15 years ago. Her parents haven’t visited the house in over 10 years. Meals cannot be shared together, because there is not enough space.

Pam Pearson’s Maryland home is full of clutter. She shares her home with her two grandchildren. Between taking care of her grand kids and working as a bartender, there is not enough time and energy for her to deal with her hoarding problems.

Hoarding is an illness that usually requires professional help. This is from Season 1 – Episode 5 of Hoarding Buried  Alive. It was a TV documentary that began on 14 March, 2010 on TLC. We are providing this to the Clutter Trucker website visitors to give them a better insight on hoarding, and to let them see that hoarders come in many variations from every walk of life. Whether it is in Denver, Colorado Springs or any other city, hoarding is a problem throughout our country.

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