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Stories of Hoarders from Hoarding Buried Alive

Karen, a retired journalist, knows she has some type of psychological disorder. She is certain that what she does is not deliberate. Yet, everything piles up in her childhood home.

She suffered from severe depression from the round-the-clock care she gave both of her ailing parents for more than 20 years. Now, she is on the verge of losing her home, because of the unsafe conditions it is in.

Teresa is a compulsive shopper. She likes to go to thrift stores at least three times a week. She spends around $600 each month at the thrift shops. After 15 years, she doesn’t have any more room in her large home.

Her daughter ended a turbulent relationship with her partner, and she wanted to return home, but there isn’t any available space in her mom’s house, because of the hoarding.