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Office Cleaning Checklists From Clutter Trucker’s Expert Team. How We Do It

Office cleaning checklist

Do you sometimes look at your work space and wonder how in the world you’re going to keep it clean? If so, you are not alone. At Clutter Trucker, we’ve seen it all, so we know how much work it takes for business owners and managers to keep a work area clean. Most professionals simply don’t have the time to do their jobs *and* worry about cleaning the office on a regular basis.

The following checklists can act as a guide for business owners. It’s a good way to see what Clutter Trucker’s professional cleaning teams do for an “average” office space, and how often we do it. Each space and each job is unique, so keep in mind that the following lists are better viewed as templates that we work from, adding special items as needed for each customer’s particular needs.

What a Clean Office Says About Your Company

Before we get to the lists, one last question: Have you ever wondered what kind of message a sparkling clean office conveys to your customers, employees, and visitors? Cleanliness plays a huge role in how people judge your company, for better or worse.

Sure, that might not be a fair way to evaluate an organization in every case, but it’s a fact that your potential and current customers, as well as your workers, judge you by what your workspace looks like. If it’s messy, unsanitary, disheveled, and otherwise not very nice to look at, they’ll make a variety of negative assumptions about your organization.

But, a clean office says all kinds of great things about your business. People tend to view neat, clean offices as efficient places where the owners and workers care about what they do. Not to mention the fact that clean offices are more sanitary, include fewer germs, smell better, and overall convey a positive, upbeat message about you and your employees.

When the Clutter Trucker team tackles a job, we use a comprehensive commercial cleaning checklist as a starting point, adding or removing any items that a client wants included or eliminated. Additionally, we offer green office cleaning services for our customers who want only environmentally-friendly products used in their space.

clean office and  clean checklist

Sample Daily Checklist

A standard, daily office cleaning checklist, like the one below, might look familiar to you if you’ve ever tried to clean your own office. These are the items and areas that most offices need to have cleaned on a daily basis, or at least on each of the five business days per week:

  • Mop surface areas, especially hard floors
  • Vacuum every floor area, hard or carpeted
  • Empty trash container and add liners
  • Wipe with damp cloth all hard surfaces
  • Polish any bright items, brass, and metal
  • Clean all flat surfaces, especially glass and metal
  • Do spot-cleaning on painted areas and walls
  • Wipe down light switches and door knobs/handles with disinfectant
  • Wipe down fixtures
  • Sanitize basins
  • Clean restroom floors, mirrors, toilets, sinks and dividers
  • Disinfect all restroom and break room surfaces
  • Reload soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers
  • Remove debris from floor that is too large for vacuum
Office cleaning daily checklist

Typical Monthly Checklist

Here’s a common version of an office cleaning checklist for monthly duties:

  • Mop and/or polish all hardwood floors, flat surfaces, tables, and non-carpeted surfaces
  • Clean all windows thoroughly
  • Clean out employee fridge, wipe inside with disinfectant, and clean outside of the unit
  • Empty all trash bins, large and small, disinfect insides and replace liners if applicable
  • Vacuum all vents and any chairs that have fabric upholstery
  • Dust all surfaces that are high up, starting at the top and working downward

A Checklist for Annual or Biannual Cleaning

The following items only need attention once or twice per year, assuming a typical office space with average foot traffic.

  • Deep clean carpets and rugs
  • Clean behind and under large appliances that can be moved
  • Dust and disinfect ceilings, walls, and high fixtures
  • Thoroughly clean door frames and doors, including hinge areas
  • Strip floors and re-apply wax
  • Remove all vent covers for cleaning, use vacuum to remove interior dust inside vents

Build Your Own Commercial Cleaning Checklist From Scratch

Remember that no cleaning list is carved in stone. Every space has its own unique aspects and design features. That’s why the Clutter Trucker team offers the above time-period office cleaning checklist samples only as suggestions for you to get started.

Of course, our cleaning teams incorporate our vast experience as well as clients’ special requests to come up with a one-of-a-kind checklist for every space we clean.

So, read through the lists above and add or subtract any items as you see fit. Then, when you do your own cleaning or hire Clutter Trucker to take on the job, you’ll know exactly which items need attention, and how often they need to be cleaned. Our green office cleaning services can get the job done without using harsh chemicals or substances and keep the environment in great shape.