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Oh Crap!

It was the absolute best shower I have EVER had. Even better than the shower you take after a week of camping. It was better than the first shower back after visiting Haiti one summer. Not only was I washing the grime from my body, I was trying to wash away what I witnessed a few hours earlier.  I was a little traumatized.

I have seen some pretty horrible living conditions, houses full of trash, fast food wrappers, animal feces, dust and dirt. On this particular job I saw things I have a hard time speaking of.  What I witnessed really caused me to question mankind, life in general, the brain and the human body.

I understand how things in your house can get out of control and then overwhelming to clean up. However, when the plumbing is broke there comes a time when you must get it fixed.  I could not wrap my mind around what we were facing.  I still have sympathy, and it doesn’t change how I treat another individual, it just something I cannot understand?

When faced with a tough job, a tough situation, or a tough workout, your mind is the strongest ally you have. Just like I tell myself in a tough workout, “the pain in temporary, I’m almost finished,  just push through”.  I did the same on this job.

After the initial moment when I yelled “holy sh1t” pun intended, literally holy sh1t! I had a mask on so the client could not hear my initial reaction, nor could he see the horror on my face! I suited up and told myself “ this will only last for a short period of time, you can do this,  you won’t die,  you will be helping someone, pretend it is something else!”  And I did. I got through it and my client came home to a clean house and a new beginning.

I still cannot bring myself to describe what I actually saw and felt and smelled. Maybe one day I will be able to talk about details. But for now I will keep it to myself and continue take one for the team! Do for the greater good and help people live better!