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For the last 10 years, Clutter Trucker has been devoted to transforming the lives of those with hoarding disorder through integrity, compassion and hard work.

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What we’ve learned about Hoarding Disorder:

When we were exposed to hoarding in our organization’s infancy, our staff had the same thought many have: How can someone live like this?

Many see hoarding and the shock of it hinders their ability to understand the person that hoards.  We see a mess and we know how to clean it up, so we endeavor to do just that.

But as you probably know, the task is not that simple and neither is the typical hoarding client. The complexity of hoarding is many layers deep and mental health professionals are only now beginning to understand it fully.

The difficulties in working with the hoarding population are many.  In the past, Hoarding had been classified as a specific form of OCD, recently it earned its own distinction as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association.

Those that hoard often present with co-occurring disorders, including depression, anxiety disorder, past traumatic events (Big T), addiction and personality disorders. If these disorders are not treated congruently with hoarding, ultimately attempts to treat the latter will fail.

Hoarding clients are also a very resistant population. Many are without the capacity to truly see the impact of their behavior. Unlike those who suffer from OCD, they rationalize their situation endlessly, especially when confronted.  Their denial can seem impenetrable.

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We’ve also learned that our clients typically respond best when there are two specifics types of parties represented to aid in the effort:

Hoarding behavior is a symptom and is manifested from a psychiatric disorder.  So if Clutter Trucker were to show up at a hoarders home with 10 empty dump trucks and fill them in a day (as seen on TV), we’d be removing the symptom without treating the underlying problem.

While we have the resources to empty a hoard in ONE day, we’ve found it to be simplistic and frankly, traumatizing to the client.  Asking someone with hoarding disorder to discard a magazine can be just as anxiety producing as asking you or me to throw away our wedding rings. Imagine 10 dump trucks of wedding rings!

At Clutter Trucker, we’ve come to develop a process for ongoing success. Through trial and error and with the assistance of mental health professionals, we’ve created a system that’s unique and unprecedented. Outlined below are the many ways Clutter Trucker has learned systems to work with our clients – not merely the hoard.

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