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Senior Home Helpers

Our Flagship product of Clutter Trucker has been working with seniors in their homes to declutter, organize, donate, and discard items as seniors are having to make life transitions. We found that our staff makes significant inroads in homes that family and friends have simply not been allowed through specialized senior concierge services.

We are specifically trained to deal with these situations in fun, interactive and non-judgmental supportive sessions. We understand the embarrassment that many of our clients feel. We are very much still committed to helping seniors obtain and maintain their homes so they are able to stay in them as long as possible.

We understand the specific needs of senior clients. You can trust us when entering into your loved one’s home. We have over a decade of experience, knowledge, and resources to help clients whose hoarding patterns have put them at risk in their homes.

Please call us to speak with our case manager at 720-606-4751 to tailor a membership plan.

Coronavirus contamination? We can help you clean up COVID-19. CALL NOW

Senior concierge info

We can now offer assistance in our clients’ homes in the areas of:

Running Errands:  Need your medication picked up? Want your packages dropped off to the post office? We are here to help…

Grocery Shopping and Light Meal Prep: We understand how difficult it can be to navigate the grocery store and then to come home and put these items away. We feel very strongly about being able to help the whole person, and part of that is making sure you have access to eating well.

Pet Care: We are committed to helping you take care of your pets. We would love to give your dog a walk, clean up their waste from the yard, etc. If your pet needs a vet visit, we will take your pet to the vet’s office and back home.

Companionship:  Seniors are at a significantly higher risk of isolation. Isolation leads to quicker cognitive decline and also increases the likelihood of depression.  We are able to foster companionship with our clients that not only has them living in a better, cleaner living situation…. but also we can literally stop and “smell the roses” – if our clients would like to go outside for some fresh air or plant some spring flowers, we are happy to make that happen in a safe, supportive environment. Through appropriate staging, we are able to have our clients doing some of their favorite hobbies and activities alongside a Clutter Trucker staff member.

Family Communication: We understand that being there to help may not always be an option for a family member. We are here to be your first point of contact. We believe communication is key to a senior maintaining their independence. At the same time, communication will help a family member make decisions proactively rather than re-actively for the changes that come with aging. We can be the eyes and ears for the family member – this being crucial as your family member ages. We can alert you when your family member is needing more care that what Clutter Trucker can offer.  We have a vast network of senior resources that we can help direct you to.

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Senior concierge pricing

Membership to Clutter Trucker’s Senior Concierge Services are offered through a monthly membership fee.

Our tiered pricing scale is in addition to our standard cleaning fees. The membership is offered as a monthly plan that you can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice.

Plans very depending on the services you elect to use and are tailored to your needs or your family members needs.

Please call us to speak with our case manager at 720-606-4751 to tailor a membership plan.

Please remember, Clutter Trucker is active in the senior community and that allows our company to get to know many trusted professionals. We have a vast group of referrals and can provide trusted recommendations for services such has in-home care, handyman services, financial services, and many more. Just ask us if you or your family is in need.

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