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Why Real Estate Agents Need Junk Removal

Real estate junk removal

What is the most critical factor for selling anything, including real estate? An essential element for selling anything is making the right impression on buyers. Before buyers decide to schedule a walkthrough of a property, they must be won-over by pictures of it. 

When looking at an ad, buyers know nothing of the actual state of a home other than what they see. And when they arrive to look at the house, their decision to buy or not to buy is half-made the moment they step on the curb. So presenting a property in the best possible light is critical.

In addition to making the right impression, time is another decisive factor when selling a home. As much as possible, real estate agents want to shorten the time between tenant move-out and when the house is ready for showing, explains But they often need to perform a full cleanout of the home, dispose of junk left by a previous owner or tenant, and, possibly, carry out renovations. 

Each of these steps takes time and must be complete before the home can be put on sale or advertised for lease. On top of these, estate agents still have to oversee the sales component of their business.

And often, in the process of trying to remove junk from the house, while also managing their sales efforts, a realtor can quickly lose their effectiveness. It is why real estate agents need to make using the services of a junk removal company an integral part of their success strategy. 

Junk removal companies help real estate agents gain control of the two most important factors for selling a home; buyer’s perception and time. Every property agent wants to sell his or her house fast and at a price the owner has set. Hiring a junk removal company will help them meet these two objectives.

Trash in home

The benefits of hiring a junk removal company

Junk removal companies are timely

Whether a home is on sale or a rental property, speed is essential to how you manage the asset. To maximize income and minimize vacancy periods, the turnaround time of a rental property must be short. And the longer a home that’s on sale stays on the market, the higher the likelihood that the owner will eventually have to sell below their initial price. But because junk removal services offer same-day or next-day service, they can help realtors make their processes much more efficient.

They make a home livable and move-in ready

Buyers like a home that is in a livable condition. The more move-in ready the property is, the more appealing it is to potential buyers. It is because buyers can easily visualize themselves living in the home. Furthermore, it is hard for most people to correctly estimate the size of a room when it is junk-filled. 

Consequently, a sizeable junk-filled room will look smaller than it is, while a smaller one which is clean will appear more spacious. A de-cluttered home presents less work to buyers and is, therefore, more attractive. It also allows the realtor to ask for a higher price.

They deliver thorough exterior and interior cleaning

Along with hauling away rubbish, a junk removal company can clean and tidy up a home. Junk removals will clean inside the house professionally and make it welcoming and fresh-smelling. Additionally, they will prepare the outside of the home to enhance its “curb appeal.” 

exterior and interior cleaning

They will cut down overhanging tree branches and remove piles of dead leaves. They will also remove abandoned broken-down old stuff from the yard, including, old play-sets, rundown sheds, inoperable vehicles and anything else.

They will not damage the home

Using amateurs for junk removal often costs an estate agent and the homeowner more money than they are trying to save. It is because non-professionals will damage the home in the process of removing the rubbish. 

Professional junk removal services know how to handle junk in a way that does not leave dents on walls or scuff marks on door edges and floors. They employ techniques that prioritize preserving the home’s quality. 

They will handle unusual items too

Sometimes a home will contain trash that is difficult to dispose. It could be materials that are large, very heavy or need careful disposal. Junk removal companies will take care of all of them. Even if a client requires that recyclable materials be set aside and disposed of separately, the junk removal service will do it.

They help realtors create a professional image

Having trash lying around a rental property or a home that is up for sale does no good to an estate agent’s image. Hiring a junk removal company allows the realtor to maintain the highest level of professionalism, without spending their valuable time picking up trash.