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To Go or Not to go….

One of the most stressful situations for those who have accumulated an excess amount of stuff is eviction.  We have helped counsel and clean out a tremendous amount of clients who were faced with either getting rid of their stuff or getting rid of their home.

To someone unfamiliar with the illness of hoarding this may seem like a fairly easy and straightforward choice. Let me tell me you, for my clients it is not easy or straightforward.  As I hear the situation these clients are facing I can see and feel the pain. I hear their shaky voice, as they the pause in speaking. I watch as they cover the face with their hands in shame, embarrassment and fear.   Tears running down,  in the midst of them trying to be strong and find a solution. Only on a few occasions has anger been the dominating emotion and usually after realizing the options ahead, the anger subsides.

Over and over I work with clients whose homes pose a fire hazard or an extreme pest control problem.  While the clients feel like they have a right to keep their belongings in the apartments, condo or homes, officials and landlords have a different agenda.

As an expert with 5 years of experience, I can sit down and explain the process of clean up and why it is necessary.  With all the papers, trash and boxes of stuff, if one flame of fire caught, the entire place would be engulfed in a matter of seconds. It would be extremely dangerous for the tenant, the firefighters and the entire building to escape unharmed. Just google hoarder home fire and you’ll find how often these stories make the news.  No one thinks it will happen to their home, but it does.

When bedbugs, roaches and mice take over, pest control cannot spray due to the large amounts of clutter. These little bugs will hide and multiply amidst all of the “stuff”!  Ultimately, the entire community in the building has to suffer. More often than not, my clients are forced to remove their belonging so the little pests can be killed.

It’s a hard choice, but one that has to be made for the safety and well-being of those involved.  Cleaning up your place may just add years to your life, AND make your neighbors a little bit more appreciative!