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A Denver junk removal & hoarding cleanup service you can trust.

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At Clutter Trucker, We Offer a Full Menu of Junk Removal, Deep Cleaning, Hoarding Services, and Commercial Services.

There’s no job that’s too dirty, too tough, or big, or too small for our team. Our competitors often turn away jobs that are too messy, challenging, or include extreme amounts of clutter. Not us. We do it all, from beginning to end, and do it right.

We are the premier company to offer junk removal in Denver and all surrounding areas, including Colorado Springs, Arvada, Boulder, Castle Rock, Littleton, and surrounding areas. We make sure to meet our clients’ needs on every job we do.

Junk Removal, Deep Cleaning and Hoarding Services in Denver, Colorado
Junk Removal in Denver, Colorado

From Our Family to Yours

Family-owned Denver junk removal specialists that respect your home and belongings, and treat them as our own.

While our job might be hauling junk, we know that it is People we work with, and your house is our workplace.

That’s why our family-owned company and friendly staff make it our #1 priority to respect our clients and their property and provide quality service.

Coronavirus contamination? We can help you clean up COVID-19. CALL NOW

Donate first, recycle

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No Job is too hard for us.

From junk removal to extreme cleaning and hoarding cleanup, we NEVER want you to feel judged or to hesitate to ask for help.

We promise you that whatever situation you have, we’ve seen MUCH worse and would be delighted to help you restore things back to order and cleanliness.

Here are Just a Few of Our Personalized Services for Your Junk Removal Needs

When you hire us, we take care of all the loading, labor, junk disposal, and everything else, regardless of where you are or where the junk is located. Plus, we get rid of all forms of non-hazardous items, junk, or clutter you want gone. Denver junk removal chores, including household, commercial, hoarding, and extreme cleaning, are services we perform every day, so don’t hesitate to call us for any kind of Denver junk removal job you have in mind.

Our Junk Removal & Hoarding Services

Household Junk Removal

Is your garage filled to the gills with “stuff”? Is your basement jam-packed with household items you haven’t looked at in years? What about the closets in your home? Are they the repositories of four times the clothes they were designed to hold? If so, Clutter Trucker can come to the rescue. We’re the junk removal Denver team that can give you your precious space back. Don’t let your stuff rule your life. Give us a call and say goodbye to cramped closets, filled-up basements, garages so full of stuff you can’t park your car in them. We’ll get it all cleared out so you can breathe again, and live in your home the way you want to.

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Hoarding Help

We know that all the things, sometimes called “clutter,” that people acquire over the years can have special meaning for them. We also know that what you own is not all junk and that it’s a good idea to get rid of the clutter when you can. However, it’s often true that people find it tough to let go of some things even when they realize that the time has come. We are the experts in junk removal Denver calls whatever the items are that you need to get rid of.

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Extreme Cleaning

Do you need your property completely cleared? Do you need to make extra space for new furniture and other items? If so, we’re glad to do all the hauling, organizing, recycling, and trash/junk dumping necessary, from beginning to end. Our specialty is catering to the specific needs of business owners.

And don’t worry about schedules. Our teams can get your business or office clean-out done after hours so that your company can operate without interruption. To make certain that the whole thing goes smoothly, we’ll coordinate schedules with your property managers and supervisors. And if there are issues with property access, our teams know how to work with multiple access methods, including alleys, street entrances, ramps, and docks so that you don’t have to be bothered with the logistics.

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Office Cleanouts

What do we do besides junk removal in Denver? Well, one of our most in-demand services is extreme cleaning. You don’t have to ever feel embarrassed because we have seen the absolute worst of the worst. Our extreme cleaning work is offered in a completely non-judgmental way, with empathetic care and true compassion. Our crews are fully trained to deal with the high levels of filth and grime that come with hoarding.

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Up to 20% Bigger Than Our Competition!

Need help with your entire house or property?

The bigger the better. We specialize in decluttering and restoring properties, and our specialized organizing & packing process allows us to do it in less loads and up to 30% faster.

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Check what hundreds of our clients think of us

I found them to be very professional and easy to deal with since I couldn’t be on-site. I was tied up with other business and was able to handle everything over the phone. They did an excellent clean-out of a property that was left in bad shape. I will use them again if that service is needed again.

Janice A.

Highlands Ranch, CO

The staff of Clutter Trucker were prompt, professional, and courteous. They were a pleasure to work with!

RJ O.r

Parker, CO

Jennifer was wonderful. Very professional and very reasonable. She made my life easier!

Kelly L.

Englewood, CO

Friendly, efficient, and fast. Even after me not hearing them at the door and they had left the neighborhood, Jennifer said it was not a problem to turn around and came back to our house! They were very, very nice!

Christopher F.

Littleton, CO

I was very impressed with this company. The price came in lower than the competition and they did a great job!

Suzanne W.

Parker, CO

We called around and found Clutter Trucker was more cost effective than renting a dumpster. They even came out Super Bowl Sunday morning!!! We are remodeling our house this year and will be using Clutter Trucker for all our junk hauling!!!

Robert & Natali H.

Westminster, CO

They called within minutes of my request and came out the same day!

Susan H.

Littleton, CO

They did a wonderful job and they were out the next day. They were very professional, did quality work, and were very fair priced. I will use them again and recommend them highly.

Rita D.

Littleton, CO

They did a great job.


Parker, CO

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Why to choose us

We’ve been in this business for a long time. That’s why we realize that the work is not just about junk. When it comes to excellent service for junk removal Denver knows that Clutter Trucker gets it done. It’s about service. Here are some of the unique ways we help our clients.

  • For super-fast, affordable, highly efficient trash removal, we use our own dump trucks. So, if you need something like a huge couch, king-size bed, or pool table hauled away, we can deal with it.
  • You never have to put an ugly dumpster in your driveway or in front of your house. Our crews are happy to remove what your regular trash service won’t even touch.
  • We let all our customers schedule their preferred pick-up times, and then we arrive promptly so you don’t have to wait around.
  • You get an over-the-phone estimate and exact pricing as soon as our team arrives.
  • When we’re finished, we clean up everything. In fact, we guarantee our work or the cost of the job is on us.

Our Locations

We serve the entire Denver and Colorado Springs areas from our two central locations.

Of course, that means we serve all the surrounding communities, like Aurora, Centennial, Englewood, Littleton, Lakewood, and all the Colorado Springs communities as well.

4201 E Yale Ave suite 150, Denver, CO, 80222

Our Colorado Springs office is located at 1094 Westmoreland Rd., #B, Colorado Springs, CO, 80907.

Junk Removal Experts in Denver, Colorado
How much does junk removal cost?
We do jobs of all sizes, so the price for your particular junk removal or other service depends on the specific requirements of the work. You can get an estimate by clicking here. The link takes you directly to our price page.
What other services do you provide?
We offer many kinds of service for our customers in addition to Denver junk removal. Primarily, we get the most requests for junk removal, hoarding help (which includes hoarding cleanup and hoarding advice), extreme cleaning, commercial junk removal, office clean-outs, and commercial cleaning. But that’s not all, we also do yard cleanup, hot tub removal, basement clean-outs, bed bug removal, crawl space clean-outs, rehab cleanup, recurring cleaning services, storage unit clean-outs, professional packing services, attic clean-outs, and more. If you need something you don’t see on the above list or on our website, just call us and ask. We are the Denver junk removal experts.
What time are you open?
Our hours are: Mon-Fri 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Sat 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Do I need an appointment?
Yes, appointments are required. We ask that you make an appointment so we can maintain the most efficient scheduling system possible. This is the best way for us to assure you of extremely prompt service at the exact time you need us.

Hoarding Help and Cleanup.

We specialize in working with clients with Hoarding behaviors.

We get it. Hoarding can be a very delicate situation, where for the first time in years we are invited into the home in order to help.

After hundreds of successful hoarding consultations and cleanups, our experienced hoarding helpers help guide you through the process of declutter and cleanup, and help you get your place back into organized living conditions.

If you are hesitant to reach out, know that we help hundreds of people with hoarding behaviors every year, so we’ve seen much worse and will likely think your situation is normal. So we don’t judge or have any negative reaction..the opposite. We are here to help, and our experienced consultants, organizers and cleaners will guide you through the process start finish. Just call us now and we will explain the process.


Call Us To Schedule & Get An Estimate

We explain our volume-based pricing over the phone. Our prices include all labor, weight, and disposal fees. We’ll schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you.


Clutter Trucker arrives at your place

We will call you within an hour of your scheduled appointment for arrival time confirmation. This allows for unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams or a previous job that was larger than expected.


That’s it!

Our professional team will give you a firm price before any work begins. We do all the loading and cleaning, sweep up, and go! We make every effort to donate or recycle the items we remove.

Coronavirus contamination? We can help you clean up COVID-19. CALL NOW

Your Stuff Matters.

We Donate Your Items Directly to Low Income Families.

Instead of having some of your well kept and prized possessions thrown out to the dumpster, or donated to Goodwill, we keep close ties with Colorado’s Low Income Government organizations and charities, and are able to match sought after items DIRECTLY to families in need.

You can rest assured that every valuable item will find its way to a family in need, and will be re-used.

Meet our charity partners