We know that cleaning out the junk in your basement can feel overwhelming. It is tough to know where to start. We can help you make the process easy and stress free. Call in Clutter Trucker to help organize, sort and remove unwanted items in your basement with affordable and professional basement cleanout services.

Clutter Trucker can handle all of your basement cleaning services. Whether your basement looks and feels like  storage unit for all your junk from over the years, or you are doing some cleaning and clearing out to make room to finish your basement. Either way, Clutter Trucker  will take care of your basement cleaning service.

We will take out any and all junk from your basement.

We will rearrange any furniture or other items you want moved around, AND we’ll finish by sweeping up and making your basement look spotless. That’s part of our customer service guarantee.

Clutter Trucker will:

  • Remove all the junk from your basement
  • Clean everything, and leave no junk behind
  • Rearrange items in your garage (at your request)
  • Create as much possible space for your basement
  • Dispose of all your basement junk responsibly
  • Recycle and donate whatever we can

Don’t hesitate any longer! Pick up the phone and call Clutter Trucker to clean-out that basement! It’s time to get your space back, and free your mind and your basement of all that unnecessary junk, and all that clutter! If you are like most people out there, you hoard junk in your basement. Basements in most homes seem to get abused by the things that we don’t want, yet don’t want to throw out. The basement of your house, whether it’s finished or not, shouldn’t be a glorified landfill. It should be a place where you and your family can hang out. The basement can even be a great place for your kids to set up shop with their toys, and video games, so they can have their time away from you just like you need your time away from them. Ready for that long-awaited basement cleanout?

We also offer the following junk removal services to help you clean up your space.

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