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Clutter Trucker now offers Junk Removal Services in Colorado SpringsMonumentManitou Springs and surrounding areas!

Clutter Trucker is approaching over 15 years of professional and caring service in the Denver area. For the past few years, we’ve also been making trips to Colorado Springs. As the word spread, the number of jobs began to increase. Finally, we decided to open a branch office in Colorado Springs.

We continue to provide a full range of junk removal, hoarding cleanup, junk hauling, extreme cleaning, and many other services. We can pick up large single items, or we can fully clean and remove clutter from an entire home.

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Our highly rated hoarding cleanup services and junk removal in Colorado Springs

The number of 5-Star junk removal reviews continue to grow, and so does our reputation. We’ve been called “The #1 Junk Removal in Denver” and “Colorado’s Hoarding Experts.” The fact is that we take our jobs seriously, and our entire team are always compassionate, caring, and courteous with our clients. If you need fast and efficient junk hauling in Colorado Springs simply contact us for help.

Let’s talk more about our work:

Up to 20% Bigger Than Our Competition!

Need help with your entire house or property?

The bigger the better. We specialize in decluttering and restoring properties, and our specialized organizing & packing process allows us to do it in less loads and up to 30% faster.

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Junk removal

Junk removal in Colorado Springs is more common than you think. There are many reasons why people become overwhelmed with extra items in their home. The clutter and debris usually build up over time. Sometimes, people have one room in their house that they have used to store all of their old clothes, boxes, appliances, and other items that they are not using anymore.

Other people have junk distributed throughout their entire home. When some areas are no longer cleaned, mold, mildew and other spores begin to grow, and some families even have an infestation of rats. The most important part is to dispose of everything you don’t need.

Some people don’t see the extra items as junk. Therefore, they can’t even get to the first step of discarding anything and it can turn into a bigger problem with time. That’s where Clutter Trucker steps in, and helps get their home back in order. We have cleaned every type of situation imaginable, from whole property and house cleaning to more simple tasks of window cleaning or carpet cleaning. No job is too big or small for us. We know that proper cleaning takes careful planning and execution.

junk removal Colorado Springs

Hoarding cleaning

Hoarding is always a challenge. It’s usually triggered by some negative event in a hoarder’s past. Our hoarding cleaning services for Colorado Springs include listening and carefully planning how we are going to clean and remove items from a hoarder’s home.
Hoarders not only want the best for themselves, but they want the best for other family members living in their homes. The emotional toll is heavy and hoarding clean up can become complicated, but in the end, we search for a manageable solution without complicating their issues even more.

The emotional and therapeutic changes must happen over time. We tell families that removing the items from a house is only the first step in their house cleaning journey. Most hoarders also need professional help and counseling. It usually takes a family effort to stop them from hoarding again.

It’s helpful to always remain positive. Try to see the best of your loved ones, even though they have a hoarding problem. Showing empathy is a way to keep them hopeful and to help them get better.

Learn more about hoarding clean up and our hoarding cleaning services in Colorado Springs. You can also give us a call on (719)-372-5009 or visit us in our office in 1753 South 8th Street, Room 3, Colorado Springs, CO 80905

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