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Hoarding Experts

At Clutter Trucker, we understand that the “clutter” you or your loved ones have accumulated over time is full of memories. We know how tough it is for people to seek help when dealing with hoarding cleanup.

We get it. Your belongings are not all junk. Eliminating the “clutter” and even trash is sometimes difficult or emotional. We can help! You’ll have peace of mind knowing you made the right call.

Before – Living Room
After – Living Room
Before – Bathroom
After – Bathroom
Before – Kitchen
After – Kitchen
Before – Living Room
After – Living Room
Before – Studio
After – Studio

With 11 years of experience, helping hundreds of successful clients declutter, you can rest assured you will always get a reliable and experienced team that is careful, courteous, and considerate.

We help people with hoarding behaviors every day, and know how it is like when clients trust us to go into their homes after 10 years they have not let anyone near.
We are honored to help.

If you are worried about who to call, please know that we have experience in helping people with hoarding behaviours.

If you know of someone that may be in serious risk in his or her home, contact us.

There is no shame or embarrassment, and you can trust that we will treat your family with respect and dignity.

How does it work?


Give us A Call

The process starts with reaching out to us to get help for yourself or your loved one.


Schedule an Assessment

Over the phone, we are able to reassure our clients, explain the process and answer any worries. We then schedule an assessment.


Getting Started

During the in person consultation, we asses the individual needs, and through a process of coaching and consulting, we are able to guide individuals on how to let go and allow us to help them declutter their homes and life and get a fresh start.

Once we have a plan in place, we then schedule the decluttering, removal cleaning. We handle the entire process A-Z, and have multiple crews handling the different aspects: Sorting, Decluttering, Packing & Loading, and Deep Cleaning.

Check what hundreds of our clients think of us

I found them to be very professional and easy to deal with since I couldn’t be on-site. I was tied up with other business and was able to handle everything over the phone. They did an excellent clean-out of a property that was left in bad shape. I will use them again if that service is needed again.

Janice A.

Highlands Ranch, CO

The staff of Clutter Trucker were prompt, professional, and courteous. They were a pleasure to work with!

RJ O.r

Parker, CO

Jennifer was wonderful. Very professional and very reasonable. She made my life easier!

Kelly L.

Englewood, CO

Friendly, efficient, and fast. Even after me not hearing them at the door and they had left the neighborhood, Jennifer said it was not a problem to turn around and came back to our house! They were very, very nice!

Christopher F.

Littleton, CO

I was very impressed with this company. The price came in lower than the competition and they did a great job!

Suzanne W.

Parker, CO

We called around and found Clutter Trucker was more cost effective than renting a dumpster. They even came out Super Bowl Sunday morning!!! We are remodeling our house this year and will be using Clutter Trucker for all our junk hauling!!!

Robert & Natali H.

Westminster, CO

They called within minutes of my request and came out the same day!

Susan H.

Littleton, CO

They did a wonderful job and they were out the next day. They were very professional, did quality work, and were very fair priced. I will use them again and recommend them highly.

Rita D.

Littleton, CO

They did a great job.


Parker, CO

11+ Years Experience dealing with Hoarding

Need someone to talk to that understands hoarding?

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Doing What’s Right: Sell, Donate, Recycle

We know your things are important and valuabe. We are able to consult and plan together with our clients what items can be sold, donated directly to families in need, or recycled.

We always do what’s right and take no shortcuts. If a valuable item can be donated, we will make sure it is donated directly to families in need through our low income familiy partners in Denver. Only if an item can not be sold or donated, we will then proceed to recycle.

You can rest assured to that your valuable items will always find a 2nd home if possible, and will not be just thrown out.

Mandatory Clean Outs

We have experience in working with city and county officials for mandatory clean outs. When our clients are facing crisis situations, we can help. We understand what needs to be done to stay in the home.

It takes special training and experience to understand and help you through the process, and we got you covered.

Hoarding Mental Help

If you are looking for mental health resources, we would be happy to provide you with a list of psychologists and psychiatrists we work with on a regular basis.

Please Note: On occasion we are contacted by television producers looking for individuals willing to be filmed for a documentary on hoarding. If you would like more information, please contact us directly.

Get a Free Hoarding Clean-up Estimate Get a Free Estimate

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