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Attic Cleaning Services in Denver and Colorado Springs

The attic is one of the most neglected places in our homes because it’s simply out of sight. Therefore, even the most organized people might have a difficult time keeping the attic clean and totally organized. It can be one of the best storage spaces, but it can also easily become a disaster area that is overfilled with items that you don’t use. At that point, you know that it’s time for a deep attic cleaning to get rid of all the clutter and haul away the trash.

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Moreover, it is not only about your attic being a bit crowded and cluttered making you trip over loose items each time you go up there. What is worse is having your attic invaded and infested by some not-so-wanted guests such as rats and rodents. This is where things start getting out of control and threaten your health. Such infestation together with mold is also likely to damage your insulation which will create additional costs if the attic is neglected for a long time. Whether you’re just looking for ways to keep up with your storage space or you need to do a complete overhaul and decluttering of your attic, Clutter Trucker can help with any attic cleaning needs by removing all of your unwanted items in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Arvada, Littleton, Castle Rock and nearby.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Attic Cleaning Service

Attic Cleaning Cost

Attic clean out cost can vary depending on the situation of the attic and how decluttered it is, whether it is infested and damaged, how many items you need to be removed. But, you can easily get a free quote for your attic cleanout and the cost. In addition, remember, our pricing is transparent and all-inclusive so any labor or loading is included in the price! If you would like to schedule a pickup for the same day, give us a call us at 720-982-7856 for immediate assistance and response.

When You Should Cleanup Your Attic?

There is no certain time for attic cleanout. Just like every other part of your house, attic deserves and needs a good cleaning regularly. But, we know that it’s not the most enjoyable task. On the contrary, attics are the places that most of us don’t even want to enter unless we need to do something there, like dropping another old couch or fridge that you can’t get rid of at the moment. It can be dusty, stuffed with junk, or even creepy. We get it. However, postponing attic cleanout or neglecting it for a long time won’t do any good. So when you should cleanout your attic? Most people clean it during the spring or around the winter but it all depends on how much stuff and clutter you have there.

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Winter or Spring? Both?

Winter time attic cleaning is indeed critical because this is the time when animals start looking for shelter and guess what? Your attic actually could be the perfect shelter. If you clean out your attic around the winter, this can allow you to take precautions and hopefully prevent rodents or crickets from ruining your insulation and infesting the attic. When you remove unwanted items and declutter your attic, it will also help for easily checking cracks and gaps to prevent mold and keeping your energy bills under control.

Attic Cleaning Services in Denver and Colorado Springs

Spring is another common time when we all start cleaning and decluttering our homes, getting rid of unused items and removing junk. It is also a good time for attic cleaning before the summer vibes hit. Summer time is when you want to be on a vacation or simply get lazy with the heat, not staying at home and trying to clean out your attic. However, we understand that neither the kids nor the adults, none of us are dying for attic cleanout. Luckily, you can count on Clutter Trucker as your local attic clean out company in Denver, Colorado Springs, and nearby, to come to the rescue, we’re one call away! 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Attic Clean Out Service

Professional attic cleanout service is your best option especially when your attic was neglected for a long time, severely cluttered, and if you have large items to be removed. Clutter Trucker can remove nearly anything from your attic – you don’t have to bring it down from your attic to the curb or the main level. You don’t even need to lift a finger! We will go up to your attic and remove all the junk and clean it perfectly.

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