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Recurring Cleaning Program

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Clutter trucker extreme cleaning can handle the cleaning jobs that other maid companies refuse to do!

Over the years we have realized our clients need specialized, ongoing maintenance and care. We become close to our clients and their families throughout the process. As a result of this bond, our clients feel a sense of comfort knowing we are there to help initially and then regularly, depending on the need. We have an understanding of what our clients need; they trust us to help keep their homes clean and clutter-free!

The initial cleaning of a hoarding home is very unique and requires many extra hours to complete. We are fully licensed and insured. All of our maids are employees – we do not use subcontractors. The first-time cleaning will be an all-inclusive price of cleaning supplies, equipment, and multiple maids. Once the initial cleaning is complete, the recurring maintenance cleanings are relatively cheap.

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We offer discounted rates on recurring household cleaning services.

On every cleaning job, we follow our extensive checklist – carefully cleaning the entire home, paying special attention to bathrooms and kitchens, floors, and dusting.

Need something done that isn’t on our checklist? Need us to pay special attention to one area of your house? We’re happy to customize a cleaning plan to suit your specific needs!