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Owner’s Story

Clutter Trucker’s owner, Jennifer Hanzlick, was inspired to create a business to help people remove the junk and clutter from their homes after she and her mother experienced her grandparents’ hoarding behavior firsthand. While painstakingly cleaning out her grandparents’ home, she realized that there is a major need for this service that no other local business was meeting. She found out many people are overwhelmed with the amount of clutter or junk in their homes. They want to get rid of it, but don’t know where to start and need extra help.

After being laid off from an 15-year career in financial services, Jennifer combined her professional work ethic and personal industry experience to start Clutter Trucker. It all began with the purchase of a dump truck and her mom’s help to load the truck. Armed with the resources and industry knowledge of junk removal, they set out to help people improve their surroundings. Since that time Jennifer has hired additional employees, and the company continues to grow.

While Clutter Trucker specializes in working with seniors and their families in times of transition, change, or crisis, it also provides many additional services to anyone that needs to remove old items.