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Bed Bug Removal

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Bed bug removal requires patience, determination, and attention to detail. If your place is infested with these tiny pests, do not think that you can remove them easily. They can find hiding places in many locations in your bedroom and other areas of your house including mattresses, furniture, and carpets. Did you know that bed bugs can go a year without eating and still survive? 

Bed bugs are back and worse than ever. Bed bugs infestation is on the rise in many places in the U.S including the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs areas. Unfortunately, this modern-day plague seems to be getting worse every year and it is challenging to get rid of bed bugs as they spread very quickly and it is difficult to see them. In most cases, you might need professional help. Clutter Trucker team is trained to safely and effectively remove any item infected with bed bugs – most importantly without spreading them to other rooms of the house. We are serving Denver, Colorado Springs, Littleton, Boulder, Arvada, Castle Rock, and surrounding areas.

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Bed Bug Removal Services

Bed bugs have become a major problem for many people since the banning of DDT, a bed bug killing pesticide. If you think that you can avoid bed bugs by keeping your home clean, then think again! As people started to travel more and bed bugs became more resistant to sprays and other chemicals, it is more difficult to kill them now by yourself. Although you can still fight against them with DIY methods, you are better off with hiring a professional bed bug removal service if the infestation has spread all over your house or workplace.

Bed Bug Removal Services

Clutter Trucker crew members wear disposable latex gloves, respirators, Tyvex suits, and carry special tools to ensure proper disposal and haul away of items with bed bugs. First, we wrap all clothing, bedding, furniture, carpet, and mattresses in specially sealed plastic bags. And then, the items are properly transported and disposed of to ensure that they won’t spread.

Our experienced, licensed and insured crews will show up on time and get rid of the bedbug-infested furniture quickly and clean up the site, letting you or your tenants sleep comfortably without painful bed bug bites. We offer same day appointments and free quote for bed bug removal services.

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Bed Bug Removal Cost

Bed bug removal cost might change depending on the level of infestation and amount of infected items to be removed. Therefore, note that additional surcharges may apply so make sure to ask your customer service agent for more details.

Bed Bug Removal Cost

How to Identify Bed Bugs?

If you haven’t seen a bed bug before, you might not be able to identify them. Bed bugs are small, reddish brown insects without wings so they don’t fly but they can move quickly over floors, walls, and ceilings. They have an oval body shape and are flat unless they are filled with human or animal blood. During the day, they hide and don’t come out until the lights are off. The females can lay hundreds of eggs, no bigger than a speck of dust at first which makes it difficult to spot them. Additionally, you can also smell them as they have a musty sweet smell and you might be able to notice this odd odor in your room or house. When it’s real bad you can even hear the crunching sounds as you step on the dead skins they have shed.

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs? 

It might be possible to get rid of bed bugs yourself if there are only few bugs. Once you identify the bed bugs, start inspecting the infested areas. Contrary to common belief, bed bugs don’t live in your mattress. They can hide in cracks, crevices, carpets, electronic appliances and anywhere they can fit.

d of Bed Bugs?

Some DIY methods to control bed bugs include killing them in your dryer with high temperature or deep freezing, frequently vacuuming your house to reduce the infestation while you apply other treatments. Read more tips on how to get rid of bed bugs if you are planning to do this yourself. However, if the infestation is widespread, we recommend getting help from a professional bed bug removal and extermination company as well as removing and hauling away infected items.


Q: Where do bed bugs come from?

A: Bed bugs are very transient. They can enter the home via almost anything that is brought into the house, especially via luggage, purses, backpacks, and used furniture purchased from individuals whose homes were exposed to bed bug infestation.

Q: What kills bed bugs instantly?

A: Pesticides, rubbing alcohol, diffusing oils, and approved chemicals call all effectively kill bed bugs fast.

Q: What do bed bugs bites look like?

A: They are very small insects with reddish-brown coloring. They are flat and have no wings, but they can crawl very fast.

Q: How big are bed bugs?

A: They measure about 1/4 in length, about the size of an apple seed when fully grown.

Q: How to know if you have bed bugs?

A: If you can’t see the bed bugs with your eyes, you might see their skin sheddings, droppings, or even residual blood stains on your sheets.

Q: How to find bed bugs during the day?

A: Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, meaning they become active at night. During the day, you would have to seek them out in their favorite hiding places. That would include mattress seams, along the bed’s frame and headboard, furniture cushions, and within cracks and crevices of walls and flooring.

Q: Do bed bugs bite?

A: Yes, hence the phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite.” In fact, they will bite humans anywhere that they can get access to exposed skin. It typically happens at night with mattress bed bugs while a person is sleeping.

Q: Can bed bugs make you sick?

A: Bed bugs do not typically transmit diseases. However, their bites can cause itching, which would likely lead to scratching. That might lead to skin infections.

Q: Signs of bed bugs on a mattress?

A: The first sign would be the actual bugs scurrying when you turn on the light. Other signs would include the presence of droppings, molting skin, and tiny blood stains on sheets or exposed mattresses. Also, bed bugs do give off a foul odor when they become excited.

Q: How to get rid of bed bugs?

A: If you discover an infestation, your first course of action would be to stop the spread by either washing or cleaning materials/furniture that came in contact with bed bugs. Other bed bugs removal tasks would include moving furniture away from the walls and getting rid of clutter. After that, you could try pesticides and chemicals for bed bugs removal but a better option might be to call a professional bed bug exterminator. They can offer you advice on how to get rid of bed bugs or come take of the problem on your behalf.

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