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Do You Need Post Construction Cleaning Help?

Whether your project was a small renovation of a private home or a much larger, commercial job, chances are that you are left with plenty of debris, dust, dirty walls, garbage, leftover tiling, chunks of worthless drywall, and dozens of other things that need to go, asap.

Unfortunately, construction and renovation professionals don’t clean up after themselves. To be honest, that’s not their job.

post construction cleaning

The good news is that at Clutter Trucker, it’s our only job, and we’ve been in the construction cleaning service industry for years, operating primarily out of our Denver and Colorado Springs headquarters offices.

Our experienced teams of construction junk removal and construction clean-up experts deal with all your unwanted debris and dispose of it quickly, and in an eco-friendly manner.

When you need post-construction cleaning done right and right away, Clutter Trucker knows that rarely do builders clean up a site once they’re through. That’s when you can simply call us and look forward to a sparkling clean space after our pros do their magic.

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Why Clutter Trucker?

When you need a team you can trust with every type of construction clean-up chore, large or small, Clutter Trucker has the people, tools, experience, and reputation that counts.

Our current and former customers all over Colorado Springs, Denver, and dozens of surrounding communities in the region call us when it’s time for thorough, reasonably priced, efficient post-construction cleaning.

why choose clutter trucker in post construction cleaning services

Whether homeowners and business owners need construction junk removal only, or a wide variety of construction clean-up work done after a major renovation, Clutter Trucker has the Denver and Colorado Springs-based personnel ready to go, and we know the area well.

Our reputation speaks for itself and is the primary reason local business owners and homeowners contact us for a post-construction cleaning service that’s performed by a licensed, bonded, experienced team. We guarantee our work in writing and are happy to give detailed estimates before we begin.

How To Get Started

Our construction cleaning Denver and Colorado Springs main offices receive your call and go right to work. One of our professionals can even inspect your location and give you a specific estimate, which is based on how long the work will take and how much truck space is needed for the debris we haul away.

There’s never any guessing or surprises. You always know upfront what your price is, in writing.

Not only do we deal with typical post-construction cleaning on standard home-improvement type jobs but our teams have plenty of experience with commercial projects as well.

So, whether you’re a business owner who just finished a major office build-out or a homeowner who renovated a small kitchen, Clutter Trucker’s on-call squad can deal with any amount of construction debris removal or construction junk removal you need.


Step 1:
Look at what the construction crew left for you to clean up.


Step 2:
Realize you need professional help getting the space back into excellent shape.


Step 3:
Call Clutter Trucker at 720-982-7856 and tell us your location.


Step 4:
We’ll arrive promptly and give you a detailed estimate.


Step 5:
Tell us to start working, and consider the job done.

We guarantee your 100 percent satisfaction. We work quickly and efficiently, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

What is “Construction Debris”?

You hear the terms “construction debris” and “construction junk” from cleanup companies all the time, but no one includes everything in their definition the way Clutter Trucker does. That’s because we literally “haul it all,” no matter what your construction crew left behind and that needs to go.

what is post construction debris and cleaning

Here’s a short list of construction waste and other types of junk that our team members deal with, haul off, and dispose of every day.

The above is a partial listing. The complete list would take up several pages and give you a case of computer eye-strain, so we just mentioned the most common things we haul away on a regular basis.

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Call Clutter Trucker and Rest Easy

When it comes to construction cleaning Denver and Colorado Springs residents, as well as those who live in Castle Rock, Arvada, Littleton, Boulder, and numerous surrounding communities know that one call to Clutter Trucker is all it takes.

Call our local operations office for the very best construction cleaning service professionals in the state of Colorado. We’ll take care of your post construction cleaning needs from A to Z, including construction debris removal, junk removal, and much more.