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Yard Clean Up & Waste Removal

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We all know that time when the yard gets too messy with a bunch of unused household items, debris or dry leaves and that it really needs a good clean up. But, caught up with the daily chores, busy work schedule or family issues, we keep postponing that well-deserved yard clean up.

However, the longer you wait, the worse it gets and starts turning into a rotting, cluttered mess-making yard waste removal even more difficult to handle.

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Yard waste mostly results from maintenance work related to landscaping and can include a variety of debris such as leaves, shrubs, tree limbs, grass clippings, dirt, and even some rocks.

However, yard debris is not limited to only green or ecological waste because you would have landscaping tools and lawnmowers to do that maintenance and yard cleaning. And those tools and equipment will wear and tear in time resulting in buying new ones. Hence, you might end up with old landscaping tools that are not functioning anymore and are difficult to get rid of. This is where yard waste removal gets even more complicated.

Yard clean up in Colorado

On the other hand, we are mostly tended to dump other unused or old household items in our yards until we figure out what to do with them. Hence, while trying to declutter the house, we might end up cluttering the yard with gym equipment, old BBQs, holiday or Christmas trees, and so on.

All those unwanted items as well as the ecological yard debris keep piling up and can make it difficult to dispose of them. Because not all local garbage services accept yard junk and waste including green or natural debris. If your garbage services don’t pick up yard waste, we are here to help to remove all that trash as your local junk removal and hauling company.

Our trained and equipped team will come and haul away anything you want to get rid of with our large trucks that fit more than regular junk removal trucks.

Up to 20% Bigger Than Our Competition!

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The bigger the better. We specialize in decluttering and restoring properties, and our specialized organizing & packing process allows us to do it in less loads and up to 30% faster.

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Yard Cleanup and Hauling

Yard cleaning becomes a necessity mostly either during the spring or fall or both. Spring is the time when you would start preparing planting beds, pruning shrubs and dead tree limbs and branches, and removing mulch. In addition, you’ll need to trim the grass from time to time during the spring and summer as they keep growing.

Yard Clean Up & Waste Removal

Fall yard cleaning can be more challenging because you’ll need to deal with all that dry and falling leaves not only from your own trees but also the ones that end up in your yard through the winds. Also, depending on how many trees, bushes, or vegetables you have, the amount of yard debris can get even bigger and more challenging to remove. Whether it’s spring or fall cleaning, you can count on Clutter Trucker for your yard cleanup and hauling to remove all the yard junk. Just show us where everything is and we will do the rest.

What we can pickup

  • Dog House
  • BBQ
  • Dirt, mulch, and grass
  • Shed
  • Landscaping tools
  • Any other non-hazardous yard junk and biological debris
  • Yard Equipment
  • Tree limbs, branches, shrubs, woods…
  • And much more..

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How Much Does Yard Clean up Cost?

The cost of the yard cleanup will depend on a variety of factors: how big is your yard, how many trees you have, what needs to be removed and hauled away, and overall the amount of total debris to be cleaned and disposed of including ecological and non-ecological waste such as gardening or landscaping tools or any other unused items.

How Much Does Yard Clean up Cost?

Our yard clean-up pricing is volume-based and includes all labor, weight, and disposal fees. You can check out our prices below based on the load or can get a free estimate.

How much will it cost me?

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Yard Clean Up & Waste Disposal Tips for DIYers

If your yard is relatively small, not so much cluttered, or if you have some free time and you’re an ambitious DIYer, here are a few tips to clean up your yard and how to get rid of the waste:

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  • Bring all the tools you might need such as shovels, a wheelbarrow, a rake or a leaf blower, lawn mower etc.
  • Wear appropriate clothes to protect yourself such as gloves, a face mask, safety goggles
  • Decide on where to start and take one step at a time. For example, if you start with trimming the grass, collect and pack the clippings in degradable bags when you’re done trimming. Then continue with the next task.
  • Consider composting fruits and vegetables or any biological waste to decrease the amount of debris and keeping the landfills less full
  • Separate the items that you no longer need and want to get rid of such as old landscaping tools and equipment as well as any other household items stored in the yard. You can consider recycling, donating, having a yard sale, selling them online or simply give them away if they are in good condition

Once you are done with the yard cleaning, now it’s time to remove and dispose of them responsibly. If your local garbage service doesn’t offer yard debris removal, check out if you can schedule a pickup with the sanitation department. Another alternative is to load them to your truck, if you have one, and take them to the dump area yourself. If you have big pieces of wood or heavy tree branches, you can consider renting a chipper but that might be a bit costly.

Yard Clean Up & Waste Disposal Tips for DIYers

However, if you have a large amount of yard waste and junk to be removed that you can’t handle yourself or simply don’t have time, give us a call to schedule your yard clean up and hauling. More importantly, whether you do it yourself or hire a junk removal company, make sure that the waste will be disposed of responsibly. Even if the local laws allow burning the yard refuse such as dry leaves, wood, or tree branches, we don’t recommend it as it can lead to an uncontrollable fire and also damages and pollutes the environment.

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