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Furniture Removal Service

Have you ever been reluctant to buy new furniture because you don’t know what to do with the old stuff? The fact is there is a lot of useless and old furniture sitting around in houses throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. It’s a clear indication of just how few people know how to get rid of old furniture or how to get rid of a couch.

If you are currently facing the old furniture dilemma, we are here to tell you there is an easy solution. The solution is to call us at Clutter Trucker. When it comes time to address the clutter in your house, we are the best furniture removal Denver option in the business with a great desire to help you unclutter.

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Why Choose Clutter Trucker?

If you are wondering how we made a business out of collecting other people’s junk, the answer is simple. We wanted to provide a service that helps people say goodbye to the old so they can make room for the new.

Of course, Clutter Trucker is more than a junk removal service. What our customers respect most about us is the responsible attitude we take towards getting rid of their junk. If it has salvage value, we will recommend they salvage what they can. If it’s furniture they can’t use or don’t want anymore, furniture recycling is always an option. If the junk is too far gone for other uses, then we take it to the local landfill and dispose of it in the most responsible way possible.

By the way, we offer more than furniture removal Denver services. We also do office cleanout and office furniture removal, hoarding cleanup, commercial junk removal, spring cleaning services, spa removal, and packing services to name just a few services we provide. All of our services are available in Denver, Colorado Spring, Boulder, Arvada, Littleton, and Castle Rock.

Our services are provided by well-trained movers who will handle your needs with great care. They are fast, courteous, and efficient with a keen eye for junk that might still have value as a donation or a recyclable piece. Best of all, Clutter Trucker prices are competitive and affordable, making us the best junk removal company in Colorado.

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Furniture Removal – How It Works

The process for getting us to handle your furniture removal needs is not complicated. Just the same, it will help us help you if you will follow our simple how to get rid of old furniture guidelines. If you want to know how to get rid of a couch or other old furniture, follow these steps.


Step 1:

There is no need to call. All you have to do is request a free estimate by filling out our “Get a Free Estimate” online form. If you choose to call, you can reach us here.


Step 2:

If pricing is not an issue and you just want us to handle your furniture removal or couch removal, you can go straight to our “Schedule Junk Pickup” online form. Be sure to clearly indicate what you want to remove so our movers can show up with the right resources to handle the job.


Step 3:

Our movers will show up at your designated location on time. They will assess the value of what you want to be removed and give you a prognosis. If they believe it is suitable as a donation to another family or organization, they will so indicate. They might also mention the potential of furniture recycling or repurposing of the item or items. If it’s junk headed to the junk your, you can believe it’s the only option. Our goal is not to burden the environment with any more junk than necessary.


Step 4:

After assessing the situation, they will provide you with an estimate for our home furniture removal services.


Step 5:

Once they get the go-ahead, our movers will immediately tag and remove the designated furniture from your home or office. They will do so with great care as to not disturb any of your other home assets.


Step 6:

Once they are done with the home furniture removal process, they will clean up any residual messes and be on their way after collecting our affordable fee.


Step 7:

As the final step in the process, they will dispose of the old furniture as discussed earlier. That is assuming no unforeseen circumstances will arise.

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What We Take

To save you time when looking for junk removal, furniture removal, or couch removal services, here is a summary list of items we take:

If for any reason there is something we can’t take off your hands, we will let you know that ahead of time and the reason or reasons why.

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About Recycling

Furniture removal

As a member of important Colorado communities, we feel a strong obligation to look out for the environment. We do that by taking a responsible approach to our junk collection and furniture removal processes.

As we indicated above, we want nothing to go to waste. If it is a recyclable good, our movers will make sure it reaches a recycling plant or destination. If the item or items are in reasonably good shape, we are aware of a lot of organizations that help financially troubled residents with donations of goods and services, especially furniture. It’s only as a last resort that we will banish your old furniture and junk to the junkyard.

If you are tired of looking at the old furniture that is fast becoming an eyesore, you can contact Clutter Trucking through the links provided above. We will quickly respond to your inquiry and provide the services you need at prices you can afford. We provide our elite services in Denver, Colorado Spring, Boulder, Arvada, Littleton, and Castle Rock.