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Commercial Floor Care, Done Right

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The more traffic your company’s floors get, the more you need the help of a professional floor care expert. It’s not just about getting rid of dirt and grime, either.

When you contact Clutter Trucker to take on the job, you get commercial floor cleaning services that stop floors from aging prematurely, prevent long-term damage and decay, and turn dull surfaces into sparkling showcases that make you proud to open your doors to customers, employees, and visitors.

Clutter Trucker has been an industry leader in the commercial floor cleaning business for many years. That means our reliable, highly trained crews have “been there, done that” when it comes to every conceivable substance that can turn beautiful floors into visual nightmares.

Our commercial floor cleaning services include a comprehensive menu of services for businesses of all sizes, from one-person offices to multi-storied skyscrapers and everything in between. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote or just to get answers to some of your questions about commercial floor care.

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15 Years of Expert Care for Commercial Office Flooring

Clutter Trucker has spent years earning a stellar reputation in the commercial floor cleaning industry. One way we stay at the top of our game is by using only the latest equipment, employing our own exceptionally trained team members, arriving to every appointment on time, offering competitive pricing to every customer, and working efficiently so you can get back to your space as quickly as possible.

When you put Clutter Trucker to work for you, there’s never any guessing about how things will turn out. You always know that we’ll finish the job on time and to your exact specifications. Here are just a few of the dozens of results you get when you hire Clutter Trucker:

How do we do it? There are no secrets to being the best, unless working hard and being dedicated to complete customer satisfaction are secrets. In fact, we are the top commercial floor cleaning in the region because we only hire the most experienced team members, use all-new equipment, remove every kind of harmful particle and substance for every type of commercial flooring surface known to modern science.

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As for the old-fashioned values of diligence, hard work, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction, we achieve it all by scrubbing, buffing, repairing, and cleaning as the situation requires.

Every floor and job presents unique challenges, and our crews are ready for it all, whether a particular project requires waxing, carpet cleaning, repair of problem flooring issues, or anything else. Clutter Trucker has you covered when you need commercial floor cleaning services that make a difference.

Coronavirus contamination? We can help you clean up COVID-19. CALL NOW

The Types of Floors We Clean and Care For

There are many kinds of flooring in commercial office spaces, and we have cleaned the mall. Here’s a short list of what our commercial floor care teams deal with on a daily basis:

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What You Get: A Rock-Solid Commitment to Cleaning Excellence

We are proud of the fact that almost every one of our first-time customers becomes a repeat, long-term client. Our reputation in the industry and among the public is unmatched. When you hire Clutter Trucker to make your commercial floors perfect, you get:

All our crews are ready to work, 24/7, every day of the year, including on national holidays. Give the Clutter Trucker team a call today and never worry about your office floors again.

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