At Clutter Trucker, we can assist you in the process of cleaning up your living space before or after you enter rehabilitation.

We will clean all of the temptation out of your property while you or a loved one are in treatment. We understand how difficult it may be to return to your home in its previous state.

We provide extreme cleaning services as well help packing, cleaning the property, and removing the items.The empty bottles, pills, alcohol from past experiences may be difficult to face and trigger difficult emotions to deal with. We can help you create a safe, healthy environment to help one’s recovery with no judgment and care and compassion.

Ideally, we can help avoid the serious risk of relapse by not exposing them to the very environment they are trying to avoid.

As a service to drug/alcohol addicts in early recovery, we clean residences that standard cleaning services will not touch to create a safe and healthy environment conducive to ongoing recovery.

Click here to Schedule a Cleanup Appointment. If you would like to schedule a cleaning or learn more about our services, please call us at 720-982-7856 for immediate assistance.

We also offer the following junk removal services to help you clean up your space.

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