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Doing the Dirty Work: Extreme Cleaning

Extreme cleaning involves tidying up, sterilizing, and power cleaning a home or other building.

We handle some of the toughest, stomach wrenching jobs that any could imagine. These are jobs that many junk removal and cleaning companies don’t want to deal with most of the time. This type of work has become routine for us, but it is never the same.

Extreme Cleaning and Why You Need It

There are multiple reasons why an extreme cleaning job is necessary someone’s house. However, the biggest reason is hoarding. Once people begin to hoard, the level of cleanliness decreases. Dirt and debris start to gather, as does mold, fungus, and different kinds of bacteria. With all of these toxic substances in the air, it can become unhealthy to breathe the air inside these rooms.

The best prevention is not to allow extra items to clutter your home. Keep it tidy, and stop buying things that you don’t need. If there is a hoarder in your home, you’ve got to get them professional help before everything gets out of hand.

Hoarding Clean Up – Just Tear it Down

When a house gets overwhelmed with clutter, hoarding clean up might not always be the answer. In these cases, your city government might require that your house is torn down due to health and safety issues that might arise.

We always like to include episodes of Hoarding Buried Alive in many of our blog posts. The reason is that the people we service in Colorado have the chance to see real life people, who might have the same hoarding problems as a family member. These episodes should always educate, and help open the topic of hoarding as it relates to mental health issues, and not only seen as entertainment.

In this episode, Darlene and Doug have had a hoarding problem for more than 20 years. Moving through any room of their house is like navigating through a cave.

Darlene understands she is a hoarder, and it could have started when she was a child and began overfilling her playhouse.

Doug realizes that he has probably partly responsible for Darlene’s hoarding habits. He often purchased other items that he thought she would enjoy, because he knew it made her happy.

A leaking roof has caused water damage to their home and mold and mildew have taken control of areas of the house. After their septic tank had broken, they both knew it was a time that they took action.

Clutter Trucker Can Help

There comes a time when many homeowners need help cleaning up. When there is an extreme cleaning job to be done, Clutter Trucker can contribute to fixing the problem. For more detailed information, contact us today. You can also read more.