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How to Help?

Hoarding help tips for family and friends

Over the years we have seen many different types of homes and received calls asking us how to help. To start with, in our experience, we have concluded that the following are some of the most common types of hoarders:

  • Animal
  • Recyclables
  • Books and Information
  • Collections/Memorabilia
  • Trash and Garbage
  • Shopaholics
  • Food

We have also met some of the most fascinating clients. Many of our clients are brilliant – highly educated with complex personalities. They are loving, friendly, and humorous! Sometimes they simply lack the physical ability to maintain a home.

Many times our clients know their homes are in unacceptable condition. However, they just can’t seem to control the situation. Sometimes it is comforting to them, even though as an outsider we cannot imagine it. Many times the items are not junk, and to start the removal process seems overwhelming.

Some Helpful Tips to Clean Out a Hoarder Home without Hiring a Professional

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  • Ask questions, and listen even though you may disagree.
  • Provide options and compromise.
  • Show empathy, understanding, and non-judgment.
  • Establish goals and then help visualize what the end result would look and feel like.
  • Determine values and areas of importance.
  • Give control and start by having a list of non-negotiable things that must stay.
  • Offer follow-up help and regular maintenance.
  • Do not argue or become angry.

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Sometimes having an impartial third party can help tremendously. Without the family history or relationship dynamic, the process can be easier with certain clients. We have the experience, knowledge, and compassion to understand the needs of each client and construct the project accordingly. For example, we can bring in certain meaningful charities or work with Adult Protective Services or Code Enforcement if necessary.

At times hoarding creates a serious problem, and a consequence such as eviction or the condemning of a structure is threatened. In this type of emergency, if you’re not sure about how to help a hoarder, we can provide support and assistance in a timely manner. We have the team and the equipment to remove the junk in a very short period of time.

Need someone to talk to that understands hoarding

Coronavirus contamination? We can help you clean up COVID-19. CALL NOW

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