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It Takes a Sister’s Compassion to Understand a Hoarder

It takes a sister’s compassion to understand a hoarder. She might have said a lot of rotten things to her before, and she might have even threatened to report her to have her child taken away for it.

It is estimated that there are between five and 14 million people in the U.S. who are affected by this obsessive compulsive disorder. Just like other mental disorders, we are quickly learning that the way to solving the problem is through helping and a caring heart, rather than by ridiculing and name calling.

How to Understand a Hoarder

Here’s how to understand a hoarder. When we know someone is a hoarder, we can tell them that they need to get help, or we can try to help them, too. Tanya is the sister mentioned above, who was so fed up with her sister’s hoarding behavior, that she wanted to take custody of her niece, Alexiah. However, she had a change of heart as her sister decided she really needed to get some help.

Watch some of the heartwarming transformation below. It’s just another reason why we need to treat all hoarders with compassion and respect. We never know what someone has gone through.


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