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What Kind of Hoarder are You?

When many people think about hoarders, they envision homes stacked from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with every manner of debris and garbage a person can stuff into a given space. At its extreme, this is a realistic definition of hoarding. But, as with most everything in life, hoarders come in many degrees,...

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Hoarder Clean Up – Hoarding Stories of Interest

Hoarder clean up is so difficult because you are dealing with many different kinds of personalities and behavior. Every hoarder has a different story to tell. Christiana Bratiotis on Hoarding – She is the author of The Hoarding Handbook. In this audio interview, she explains about understanding hoarders. Is hoarding always harmful, or is there...

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Reasons of Senior Hoarding

Before you can understand the reasons of senior hoarding, it is necessary to understand their habits, and their cognitive abilities. Senior hoarding is not always caused by similar hoarding habits of younger adults. Unless you are caring for an elderly loved one, or have cared for one in the past, you might not understand the...

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