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Jennifer Hanzlick

Types of Office Junk

The nature, composition, and accumulation of office junk differ from the waste in residential properties. For this reason, how you handle them also differ. You need to know the different types of office junk because it will help you understand how to plan for proper disposal. Below OmniKey Realty explains the basic types of office...

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Commercial Cleaning During COVID-19

Expert commercial cleaning during COVID-19 is essential to ensure a safe, healthy workplace environment. Two close friends of mine own a graphic design production company with employees of many different ages. Since their company has office facilities located in a city area, the staff now works virtually. Artists and designers, editors and production staff members...

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What is Obsessive compulsive disorder? Signs, symptoms and self-help tip

Many people ask what is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? This condition is an anxiety syndrome in which the victims have obsessions (recurring, unwanted ideas, sensations, or thoughts), which make them compulsive (driven to do something repetitively). Such repetitive behavior, which includes cleaning or checking on things, constant washing of hands, can considerably impede an individual’s...

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