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Is Hoarding a Mental Illness?

Have you ever encountered someone who seems to be obsessed with saving worthless things when doing so makes no sense? We are not referring to people who fancy themselves to be collectors. We are referring to people who seemingly have no viable reason to be saving the things they are saving. If you have encountered...

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What to Do With Old TVs

Americans are very fond of making sure they have the latest and greatest electronic devices. That includes bigger and better TVs that come to market with new fun and exciting features. The problem everyone faces when they are ready for a new TV is trying to figure out how to get rid of an old...

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How To Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company?

As a commercial business owner/manager/operator, you face the challenges of keeping customers coming through the business’s doors. It’s not an easy thing to do. After all, your competitors are always laying in wait for opportunities to claim the customers who don’t or won’t come your way. Are you aware of how important the cleanliness of...

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Is Hoarding a Mental Issue?

You walk into someone’s house and notice that there’s clutter everywhere you look. You can barely make it to the bathroom due to all the junk lying around on the floor. The garage is even worse, reduced to a state where even a bike can’t be placed inside. And what about the basement? There’s no...

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