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Understanding Food Hoarding

Hoarding in the Animal World Several species of animals, including insects, crabs, birds, and mammals, are hoarders. Most animal behavior is motivated by attempts to survive. Animals collect things to camouflage themselves or their dens, gather specific objects to attract mates, or store food for themselves and their young. Whether preparing for seasonal or unexpected...

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What Does Mild Hoarding Look Like?

Have you ever noticed that you or someone close to you has an unusual attachment to holding onto things that seemingly have no value? If you have noticed something like that, you might be dealing with someone who has a mild hoarding. You’ll want to be cautious about citing hoarding disorder simply because someone saves...

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Hoarding and Autism

It’s common for people to assume that hoarding disorder and autism come from the same tree of mental/emotional/developmental disorders. However, that’s not really the case. The mistake that a lot of people make is to look at the obsessive behaviors that are common to both disorders and then assume that the root causes of those...

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Is Hoarding Genetic?

As mental and emotional disorders go, hoarding disorder is the one disorder that many psychologists and therapists find to be the most perplexing. The simple truth is not a lot of research information exists regarding hoarding and the causes of this troubling disorder. Even the information that does exist tends to be inconclusive. The following...

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Is Hoarding a Mental Illness?

Have you ever encountered someone who seems to be obsessed with saving worthless things when doing so makes no sense? We are not referring to people who fancy themselves to be collectors. We are referring to people who seemingly have no viable reason to be saving the things they are saving. If you have encountered...

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