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Signs of a Hoarding Disorder

We have all been exposed to someone who seems to prefer living in clutter or maybe the elderly lady who has dozens of cats running around the home. It’s natural to simply think these folks are eccentric. The reality is they may be suffering from a hoarding disorder (DSM-5). Not a lot is known about...

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What is Pet Hoarding?

At one time or another, most of us have encountered that little old lady with dozens of cats running around her house. While we probably didn’t think much about it other than to think that the little old lady was eccentric, it’s quite possible she was a pet hoarder and suffering from a psychological disorder....

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Psychology of Hoarding

The statistics related to hoarding disorder are quite surprising and disturbing. Experts estimate that 1 in 50 Americans have what could be classified as a severe problem with hoarding. Also, the hoarding definition indicates that hoarding is considered to be part of the obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) group of mental/psychological disorders. Hoarding disorder represents approximately...

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Hoarding increased during the pandemic

So many things in our lives have been negatively impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. As one government after another locked downed citizens and demanded social distancing, they seemingly did so without considering the possibility of unintended consequences. It’s been more than two years since the beginning of the pandemic, and some of those unintended consequences...

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Professional House Cleaning Prices in 2022

Have you been putting off arranging a professional home cleaning service?  Because you think it’s too expensive? Or not worth the hassle?  Actually, it’s a lot more affordable than you think.  What’s more, house cleaners have professional-grade cleaning supplies. Which means they’re prepared to take on even the toughest messes.  So, let’s look at the...

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5 Stages of Hoarding

Some psychological disorders are very difficult for the average individual to understand. If someone isn’t being victimized by one of these disorders, it’s hard for them to understand how certain disorders lead to certain behaviors like hoarding. The act of hoarding is sometimes troubling to witness. It begs a couple of questions, why would anyone...

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What causes hoarding

You notice that a loved one has started hoarding things in their home. As the problem worsens, you begin to realize something is not right. Eventually, your might learn that your loved one is suffering from a hoarding disorder. By definition from the Mayo Clinic website, a hoarding disorder is “a persistent difficulty discarding or...

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