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Commercial Cleaning During COVID-19

Expert commercial cleaning during COVID-19 is essential to ensure a safe, healthy workplace environment. Two close friends of mine own a graphic design production company with employees of many different ages. Since their company has office facilities located in a city area, the staff now works virtually. Artists and designers, editors and production staff members work online from their homes.

Commercial Cleaning During COVID-19

The couple who own this business, a man and a woman, are very aware of the importance of commercial cleaning. They know that business facilities must be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected as companies begin to reopen. This is especially important since a few employees now work part-time in the offices to coordinate production activities.

Fortunately, no staff member has tested positive for being infected with the coronavirus so far. Yet who can know if they may be a carrier of this dreaded virus and current global pandemic? How many others may become ill from contact with a carrier of this very dangerous, life-threatening virus?

For these reasons, the concerned business owners now take all precautions to keep their company workplace spotless and germ-free. By hiring the optimal quality services of a respected commercial cleaning company, they are achieving their goal. They are successfully maintaining a clean, disinfected and healthy working environment. They are striving to safeguard the health of all company staff members, business associates and guests with expert office cleaning.

Coronavirus and Reopening a Business: Necessary Commercial Cleaning Measures

Business owners who kept their company facilities partially open during the last few months can fully reopen fairly easily. They most likely kept their regular office cleaning services working part-time to maintain a clean, sanitized workplace.

However, before they fully reopen business and resume onsite operations, all areas of the facilities must be cleaned thoroughly. All workspaces, entryways, interior hallways, bathrooms, furnishings and equipment must also be carefully disinfected. Any potential presence of COVID-19 germs must be completely and professionally eliminated with diligent office cleaning.

Major Steps for Reopening Your Business in a Safe, Healthy Environment

All companies today, large and small, are faced with the serious issue of keeping their staff members healthy in the workplace. Expert guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now offer excellent advice on cleansing and sanitizing facilities. By following measures like the following, you can best ensure restarting your company operations free of contamination by dreaded COVID-19:

1. Ensure Cleaning Staff Protection.

All workers who clean your company facilities should wear protective gear while cleaning. Commercial-grade latex gloves and masks should be required. Protective clothing and eyeglasses or goggles may also be needed if heavy cleaning agents and disinfectants are used. If thorough cleaning of offices or factories is necessary that involves moving heavy items, protective footwear may also be needed.

Coronavirus and Reopening a Business

2. Use EPA-Approved Disinfectants.

Ensure that your office staff cleaners or external cleaning service workers use EPA-approved surface sanitizers and disinfectants. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a list (List N) of effective, approved disinfectants to use to prevent SARS-CoV-2. This is the virus that causes COVID-19 infection.

This listing is available on the EPA website. On this webpage, you can enter the first two sets of a cleaning product’s EPA registration number. This number is included on the label of your cleaning product. By performing this search, you can determine if a product is suitable for protecting your company premises against COVID-19.

3. Choose Safe, Effective Alternative Disinfectants.

If EPA-approved disinfectants are currently unavailable in your region, your company cleaners can use safe alternate substances. For example, cleaning with solutions that are 70 percent alcohol will effectively disinfect surfaces. Using a gallon of water mixed with 1/3 cup of bleach is also effective for sanitizing. However, refrain from combining bleach with other products for cleansing and disinfecting. These mixtures can produce toxic fumes that are health hazards during commercial cleaning services.

4. Ensure Proper Ventilation.

To safeguard the health of your company cleaning crew or external cleaning service members, ensure proper ventilation in your facilities. Remember that even eco-friendly, all-natural cleaning and disinfecting agents can have harsh fumes. These fumes do not usually present health hazards if they are used in a well-ventilated interior.

However, in offices, factories or showrooms with poor ventilating systems, cleaning crews should not be exposed to even natural cleaning product fumes. If they breathe these natural fumes regularly, they may develop some health problems. You can protect your company cleaners by making sure that your facilities have good ventilation.

5. Store Disinfectants Securely.

When cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting agents are not in use, ensure that they are secured in locked storage areas.

Before storing these products, have your cleaning crew close all product lids tightly to avoid leakage. Escaping liquids and fumes may be hazardous to the health of your employees, even when products are safely locked in storage. Keep all necessary cleaning agents well stocked so that your cleaning crew will not be tempted to mix products.

Tips for Keeping Your Company Premises Clean and Disinfected Against COVID-19

The following tips can help keep your business facilities clean, disinfected and protected against contamination from the coronavirus:

1. Clean Workplace Surfaces Frequently

As you begin the process of reopening your business and employees return, keep all surfaces in your office or factory extra-clean. Make sure that all hard surfaces are washed and wiped dry often. Instruct your cleaning crew and employees to keep work spaces neat and free of clutter for easy cleaning and sanitizing. Ensure that soft surfaces are sprayed frequently with safe, eco-friendly disinfectants. 

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2. Refrain from Overstocking or Overusing Cleaning Agents

Make sure to avoid overstocking surface cleaners and disinfectants. This will help prevent a shortage of these essential supplies in your community. Have your cleaning crew use only the amount of products needed to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect your workplace. 

3. Provide Employee Masks and Gloves.

Ask all of your employees as well as your cleaning crew and anyone else who enters your company facilities to wear face masks. Ask them to wear latex gloves as well. As a precautionary measure, keep extra supplies of disposable masks and gloves in your workplace. This will help maintain a safe, healthy business venue even if employees sometimes forget to bring these items to work.   

4. Designate Storage Space for New Supplies.

It helps to assign certain closets, cabinets and shelves as storage space for masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and other items. Since these items are essential for maintaining healthy workplaces, every employee should know where to find them. You will also need designated storage places for all office kitchen china, mugs, glasses and silverware. During the pandemic, disposable paper and plastic substitutes should be used for these items. 

5. Rearrange Workstations as Needed.

To help ensure worker protection against contracting COVID-19, create social distancing between workstations. In areas where you cannot leave the required distance between workers, install temporary partitions. These measures will help to safeguard the health of your employees. 

Great Importance of Quality Commercial Cleaning Services During COVID-19

The best quality commercial cleaning services today understand the great importance of deep cleaning and disinfecting your company facilities. They know that this is the only way to keep your staff members healthy while maintaining peace of mind in the workplace.

When you engage the services of experienced, highly reputable commercial cleaners today, they will provide superior services. They will keep your workplace healthy and safe in the following ways: 

Following the CDC’s Guidelines for Sanitizing Your Workplace

When you hire experienced commercial cleaners to cleanse and disinfect your company facilities, you get superior results. Perhaps you run an essential business that has operated throughout the coronavirus pandemic. If not, your company may have closed during the early months of the COVID-19 spread and now be preparing to reopen. In any case, you now must ensure the complete cleanliness and safety of your company premises as you restart business. 

Your expert professional cleaning crew can thoroughly clean and disinfect every inch of your work space before you reopen. They will follow the CDC’s Guidelines carefully to ensure the total cleanliness and safety of your company premises.

In addition, these experienced pros can arrange a regular cleaning schedule for your office or factory. Since expert cleansing and sanitizing of all types of surfaces is their specialty, you can count on a thorough job. You can leave the professional cleaning to them while you focus on business operations and employee needs. 

If helpful for keeping your workplace well sanitized, your expert cleaners may suggest using the following procedures: 

Spraying Surfaces. This technique involves the use of a wet spray solution that thoroughly covers a surface for sanitizing. This substance is then left to dry, which enhances its cleansing capacity. 

Wiping Surfaces. This process calls for wiping all surface areas with a disinfectant of industrial strength. The wet substance is applied and left wet for a short time. Afterward, it is wiped away to reveal well-sanitized surfaces. 

Fogging. This practice involves directing a fine cleansing spray into a room interior, allowing it to permeate the space completely. This type of workplace sanitizing can also be performed in air duct systems.     

Major Value of Hiring a Decluttering Service for Your Company

By engaging the assistance of a top-rated decluttering and cleaning service you can rid your workplace of unneeded items. These outdated or unusable items of equipment or supplies and other clutter interfere with everyday business activities and productivity. The professionals of Clutter Trucker offer expert clean-out and clearing services throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs areas.


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We all realize the great importance of using expert office cleaning methods to ensure worker safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. By following the latest CDC Guidelines, your regular office or factory cleaning staff can help keep your workplace sanitized. For further assurance of having a completely clean, disinfected business facility, you should hire a professional commercial cleaning company.

These experienced pros will put your entire staff at ease. Everyone can relax at work, knowing that they are in a healthy, safe environment. Just think, too, how clean your home can be if you engage the services of an excellent pro sanitizing team.

Imagine how relaxing it can be to sit back, put your feet up and rest while your savvy team cleans. You can watch them work their magic, cleansing and decluttering your home to spotless, healthy perfection.