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Exercise Equipment Removal and Pick Up Services

At some point in time, most exercise equipment will outlive its usefulness. It might be because of normal “wear and tear” or perhaps a piece of equipment will give way under the stress of misuse. Regardless of what might happen to a piece of exercise equipment, disposing of it is often more difficult than buying it.

If you have a piece of unwanted gym equipment that you want to be removed, you are welcome to try disposing of it on your own. What you will likely discover is your trash collection service is going to give you a big thumbs down. You might also run into issues related to transporting the equipment for disposal and finding a disposal destination.

These are just some of the reasons why you might be better off hiring a professional exercise equipment removal and pick-up service provider like Clutter Trucker.

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What exercise equipment we remove

In case you are contemplating getting rid of some unwanted gym equipment, you need to know exactly what kinds of exercise equipment we would be willing to remove on your behalf.

For what it’s worth, we can remove essentially any kind of exercise equipment that you need to be removed. Need help with how to get rid of a treadmill? No problem, we have you covered as treadmill removal is on our list. Other types of equipment we can remove include:

Exercise Equipment Removal Services

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How it works

If you need exercise equipment removed of any kind, you can start by contacting Clutter Trucker at the number we have provided on our website. We can service any of the following locations:

After contacting our office, we will have one of our representatives contact you within about 30 minutes. They will be calling to schedule an appointment to come to your location and look at what equipment you want to be removed.

Upon our crew’s arrival, one of our lead crew members will assess your needs and give you a quote for our services. The price they will give you will be all-inclusive. Once you give us your approval in writing, our crew will carefully remove the designated equipment to be disposed of in the most responsible way possible. If the equip is still useable or fixable, we can find places for donation. Otherwise, we will consider recycling or other disposal options.

After completing the exercise equipment removal process, we will give you a final invoice based on our quote. After receiving payment, our crew members will finish the disposal process.

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Why work with Clutter Trucker

Just the thought of having to deal with treadmill removal or the removal of other heavy exercise equipment can be daunting. It’s a burden you don’t have to accept. You always have the option of calling us at Clutter Trucker.

When you hire us, you immediately put the task of exercise equipment removal in the hands of a professional. Our highly trained crew members are dedicated to making the lives of our customers easy.

When they arrive on the job, you will immediately notice how professional and courteous they are towards customers and each other. If there is more than one team member on the job, they have been trained to work quickly and efficiently as a team. They are there to get the job done as fast as possible without causing any collateral damage to the customer’s property.

What you get with Clutter Trucker is professional and responsible trash/junk removers who understand you have choices. They want to make it clear that calling Clutter Trucker any time you need trash or junk removed from your home or office will always be the right call to make.

At the end of the day, you will get the professional services you deserve at a price that is fair, competitive, and most importantly, affordable.