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The Definition of Hoarding and Cluttering – The Mess Expert Weighs In

Did you know that Sigmund Freud and Roy Rogers were famous clutterers? How about yourself? Maybe you don’t exactly know the definition of hoarding and cluttering or simply not sure about the meaning of it. Whether you do or not, you need the sage advise of the “Mess Author.”

‘Mess’ author straightens out readers about clutter and hoarding

The trip includes visits to multiple therapists and Clutterers Anonymous meetings, ride-alongs with experts like Ron “the Disaster Master” Alford and a brief history of hoarding, from the namesake pack rat (which charmingly stuffs debris into its hovel … Read the Full Story

We might think we are experts, because we tune in each week to famous reality hoarding programs on TV. However, hoarding has much more to do with what is going on inside someone’s head, than it does their real need to keep something or chuck it out.

Source: LA Times