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Psychological Effects of Hoarding

The psychological effects of hoarding are many. When we think of hoarding, we consider the mental stability of the hoarder. However, one aspect that is often overlooked is the effect it has on other family members.

The International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation says that approximately 5% of people are hoarders. That’s a pretty astounding number when you consider that many hoarders hide their disorders. So, the reality is, that number could actually be much higher.

Hoarding Creates an Unhealthy Environment

We view hoarders as being very chaotic. For family members, hoarding creates an unhealthy environment. It affects other family members psychologically, and they feel trapped.

In addition, as things pile up, the situation can become very dangerous. You’ve got fire hazards, mold and other germs growing in the house, and family members feel ashamed to invite anyone to their home.

A Woman Fighting to be the Opposite

Judy Battalion knows first hand about how hoarding affects other family members. Her mother was a compulsive hoarder, and she vowed to never become like her mom.


The Psychological Effects of Hoarding – Conclusion

More study needs to be done on the psychological effects of hoarding on family members. Although hoarders suffer, other family members seem to be the silent victims. This could even have consequences for children in school. The psychological trauma that they face at home might carry over into the classroom and deter their ability to learn.