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Yard Clean Up Services Denver – A Customer’s Side of the Story

Yard Clean Up Services

Yard clean up is not on everyone’s mind. There seems to be an attitude that you don’t have space to put this clutter elsewhere. So, you decide to pile it up next to something else you don’t want to throw away, because you are certain that you’re going to use it one day. Well, that “one day” usually never comes.

Here is a letter that was sent from a customer. It helps keep the reality of yard clean up services and junk removal in perspective. It shows why you need to keep your place clean, or face possible consequences.

“A Junk removal service is something one never thinks about until the service is needed or the authorities give a warning ticket to clean up your property. Then all of a sudden, yard clean up is the most important thing in your life. 

My oldest son told me for a couple of years that I should clean up the mess in my yard. Even though he lives about 170 miles away, he offered to help me move my stuff. I just could not see any reason why I should throw away some good auto parts that weren’t ready to be scrapped. I always wanted to try to sell them, but I just couldn’t find the time.

The next thing I knew, I had city authorities banging at my door. Some of my neighbors complained that the car bodies and other spare parts were an eyesore for the neighborhood. Instead of feeling guilt or shame, I felt anger. Why would my neighbors go behind my back and report me for something that was in my yard?

After inspecting my yard, the inspectors told me that I needed to move my stuff due to certain regulations in our area. So, now, a yard clean up would need to be scheduled, or I would be fined.

I felt that the city had no sympathy for me. The reality was that I did not have a choice now, so I needed to get this stuff cleaned up. After checking out four different companies, I contacted Clutter Trucker.

Clutter Trucker came out the next day, gave me a reasonable price, and removed the junk and they cleaned up my yard. They meticulously removed the old car parts and even contacted someone who was interested in buying a few parts that I had. In addition, they moved some old TVs, an old washer and dryer.

My son was a little angry that I didn’t ask him to help me. However, I know he’s very busy and he didn’t have a truck to haul my things, and it was even a lot of work for the professionals. Plus, I wanted to show him that his dad was big enough to make a smart decision and take care of his own problems like a man.

Look, if you need some yard clean up or any other kind of junk removal, I would highly recommend Clutter Trucker. Don’t wait until you start getting notices from the city, or you get that knock at your door like I did. Using a company for yard clean up is well worth the money. Of course, it is probably much better to just always keep your home and yard clean.”

Name withheld for privacy.

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