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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Junk Removal Companies

There are several questions you should ask junk removal companies in Colorado Springs before making your choice. Always review different companies available so that you can make the right decision. The best company will price their services at fair rates and offer quick services in case of an emergency. Several other people have worked with the company before you, and they have different experiences. For you to know whether the company can assure you quality services, you should check online reviews.

5 Questions to Junk Removal Companies

1. What type of junk removal services do you offer?

There are different types of junk removal services offered in Colorado Springs. Some companies specialize in household junk removal. Others might handle hazardous waste materials. You should ask for an explanation for you to know the type of junk removal services you can access. If they offer hazardous material remove services, you should ask them about safety precautions they take.

2. What is the pricing structure of the company?

Different junk removal companies in Colorado Springs offer a wide variety of pricing packages. Ensure you hire a company which provides an onsite estimate and that there are no hidden charges. Quoted prices should include tax, labor and dumping fees if any.

3. Do you recycle?

You save the environment a lot when it comes to recycling. It is necessary to hire a company which has processes in place to ensure the environment is clean.

4. Do you have insurance?

Working with a fully insured and certified company is necessary. The best companies will put measures in place to ensure they maintain the good reputation. You should always ensure you hire a company which has put strategies in place to ensure they offer you the best services with an insurance cover.

5. How quickly can you do the job?

The best junk removal companies in Colorado Springs will organize to remove the trash within a short period. If you have an emergency, it is always necessary for you to ask the company whether they can offer you quick services. They should as well provide pricing services for the emergency services.


Hiring a junk removal company in Colorado Springs will save you time and money. Make sure you check online reviews of the company you want to hire. Ask the right questions and it will make your experience much better. Clutter Trucker has a decade of experience in junk removal services in Colorado. Get more info to learn about our services.