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Weekly Cleaning Schedule with Immediate Results

You’ll Amaze Yourself How Fast You See a Difference

You can’t fail, and here’s why. Success means doing something every day and every effort counts! Nobody ever finishes — the goal is to meet your immediate needs. Think of cleaning like shopping. You know how to shop, don’t you? Sometimes you shop a little, sometimes you shop a lot. Dress comfortably, don’t overdo it, enjoy the process, and take a rest afterward. You know you’ll have to do it again but it’s not a big deal.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

Daily Cleaning Checklist

Organized people start with a plan. What are the barriers to your success? Remind yourself what satisfies you the most about living in a clean place. What makes the process more convenient? What motivates you? Always do what you can to make the job fun. Keeping a house cleaning list shows proof of your progress.

Daily House Chores Chart

Set aside 15 minutes daily for your daily cleaning schedule and do a simple walk-through. Your purpose is to tidy up new clutter and spills, anything wet or gooey or stinky, and any edible trash that might attract the attention of pets or pests. Aside from your weekly cleaning schedule, look for simple tasks that give you a quick sense of accomplishment and control:

  • Do some decluttering
  • Sanitize germy places such as knobs and handles to decrease the spread of infection. Dust or wipe surfaces
  • Straighten beds
  • Wash dishes
  • Work on one load of laundry
  • Tidy the bathroom
  • Get rid of trash
  • Sweep floors

Before You Get Started

You deserve to live in a nice environment. These practices will save you energy and time:

  • Gather your cleaning supplies and equipment in advance. Wear disposable gloves to protect your hands
  • When cleaning, work from top to bottom (and keep your mouth closed while you’re looking up!)
  • Have a catch-all basket to make frequent decluttering easy
  • Dress for success: Pull your hair back, make your glasses sparkle, and wear comfy old clothes
  • Clean as you go. Don’t add to the mess
  • Pace yourself and take deep breaths of fresh air
  • Remember that you’re home, not working for a judgmental, overcritical supervisor. You’re in charge and you’re doing a good job. You showed up, didn’t you?!!
Monday Cleaning Schedule

On Monday

Today focus on your living room and office. Declutter first and clear surfaces. Then use an extendable microfiber duster to brush away cobwebs from the ceiling and walls. Dust wall art and hangings. Wipe down windows, blinds, and window ledges, then polish furniture. Vacuum upholstery. Empty trash and sanitize door knobs, handles, switches, remote controls, and keyboards. Finish by cleaning floors: sweep and mop after shaking rugs outdoors, or vacuum rugs and carpets.

On Tuesday

Today focus on the kitchen and dining room. Get food-encrusted cookware soaking in soapy water. Clear clutter. After dusting ceiling lights, fans, and corners, wipe down walls, windows, and blinds. Wash and put away dishes and then make the sinks and faucets gleam. Wipe down small appliances, then sanitize countertops and the stovetop. Sponge down cabinets and large appliances as well as the dining table, chairs, and other furniture. Discard old food in the fridge and clean the interior, working from top to bottom. Decontaminate handles and knobs, then replace old dishtowels and potholders with fresh ones. Sweep and mop the floor. Now’s a good time to update the shopping list.

Tuesday Cleaning Schedule
Wednesday Cleaning Schedule

On Wednesday

Today focus on the bathroom. Clean the tub first, then soak the shower curtain and liner in vinegar and water. Your other option is to use the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Spray the bathroom walls with a vinegar or lemon juice solution and let them soak a bit before wiping. Give shower stalls, mirrors, and faucets the same treatment — this low-cost cleaner is effective for hard water spots (limescale), mildew, and even grease). Wipe over shelving and other surfaces, then clean the toilet. Replace towels and washcloths, then scrub and mop the floor.

On Thursday

Today focus on entryways and pathways such as doors, porches, stairs, and steps. Decluttering is important to prevent slips, trips, and falls. To slow the transmission of disease, you’ll want to sanitize high-touch spots including knobs, handles, and switches.

Thursday Cleaning Schedule
Friday Cleaning Schedule

On Friday

Today focus on the master bedroom. Save time by starting with laundering sheets and blankets. Cover the bed to protect it from dust. Work from top to bottom, dusting ceiling fans, corners, and anything on the walls. Then wipe down the walls and hangings. You have a choice with the windows: either thoroughly clean them now or give them “a lick and a promise” to save them for your monthly revolving cleaning checklist. Next, wipe down lamps, the dresser, and other furniture. If you have time, organize a drawer or two. After you make the bed, attend to the floor.

On Saturday

Today is a catch-up day to focus on other rooms and spaces needing your attention. That might mean the laundry room, living areas in the basement or garage, closets, porches, or the shed. Give some extra care to your pets and houseplants, too. Use any extra time to work on deep cleaning tasks that caught your eye during the week.

Saturday Cleaning Schedule
Sunday Cleaning Schedule

On Sunday: Self-Care Day

Today focus on YOU! Tend to your psychological well-being by pampering yourself. Enjoy a hot shower or bath and a fragrant shampoo. Give yourself skin care, especially for your fingernails, toenails, and feet. Nourish yourself with fresh air, sunshine, and a comfy nap. Connect with people who make you laugh and feel good. Mental health is a necessity, not a luxury! Do you feel as though your phone is an extension of yourself connecting to the outside world? This is a good day to sanitize your phone.

Revolving Tasks and Deep Cleaning

You can choose a day for revolving tasks that come up every month or so, or integrate them into your week’s work. Cleaning UP is part of your daily cleaning schedule and weekly cleaning schedule, but cleaning OUT is a revolving task. Setting a timer during each project helps with time management:

  • Check supplies and equipment so you’re always prepared.
  • Change heating and air conditioning filters.
  • Discard expired foods.
  • Clean out the freezer.
  • Clean the interior of appliances.
  • Dispose of expired medications using approved methods (NOT flushing them).
  • Scrub waste baskets, the stove hood, and behind large appliances.
  • Confront papers and boxes of “stuff.”
  • Organize drawers, cabinets, and closets.
  • Collect unwanted items to recycle or donate whenever possible. Many non-profit organizations repurpose or sell them to help others.

More Tips & Tricks

Here are some suggestions to keep you feeling in charge:

  • Use a journal, notebook, or calendar. An erasable wall calendar is a visible reminder allowing you to make adjustments to your weekly cleaning schedule.
  • Making small steps is still making progress! Don’t overload yourself. Feel GOOD about what you HAVE done instead of feeling bad about what you haven’t done.
  • Are you familiar with the song “Tradition” from Fiddler on the Roof? Hum it boldly to yourself but substitute the word “ATTRITION.” This word describes erosion through sustained attack. In other words, clean as you go.
  • Take advantage of storage solutions like bins, racks, and shelving.
  • Talk to other people, search online, and explore different ideas. You’ll discover what methods work best for you — when you feel relief and pride with your results, then you know you’re doing something right.
  • Do you remember the 1937 Snow White song “Whistle While You Work”? Singing or playing music will make cleaning fun.
  • Divide and conquer: If you have a partner, discuss what you hate doing the most and either share the load or take turns doing it. It’s always okay to ask for help.

What Clutter Trucker Services Can Do To Help You

Remember that you’re not alone — help is always available on our weekly cleaning schedule. Clutter Trucker professionals have years of experience, so we understand your struggle and know that decluttering helps because we’ve seen it ALL. Our website offers easy-to-read blogs about a variety of topics. Want to know more about making a house chores chart or a weekly cleaning schedule? Not only can we provide recommendations, but we also help with all aspects of housecleaning in the Greater Denver and Colorado Springs area:

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