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Carpet removal in Colorado

Even the best carpeting was never intended to last forever. There will come a time when it simply starts to wear out or the colors start to fade. Sometimes, people just want to make a change and redecorate their homes. This is especially true at a time when hardwood floors are gaining in popularity.

If you anticipate replacing your carpet in the near future, you might run into issues related to how you are going to dispose of your old carpet. As a word of caution, your trash collection service is very unlikely to accept large swatches of carpet at the curbside. Indeed, carpeting is one of those things that no one wants anything to do with once it has lost its usefulness.

Here’s a suggestion. Your best option for carpet disposal is going to be contacting a professional carpet removing service company like Clutter Trucker. In the sections below, we will discuss why carpet removal is best left to the professionals, and how to remove the carpet in preparation for removal.

Benefits of Working With Clutter Trucker

Since we are the professionals to which we refer, we owe it to you to tell you how you would benefit from our Clutter Trucker carpet removal service.

First and foremost, we have highly trained crew members who know how to safely handle carpet materials. As they remove these types of materials from a house, they take great care to make sure they don’t cause any collateral damage. They also work carefully to minimize the amount of dirt and dust they create. After removing the carpet, they will clean the area and make sure it looks like the old carpet was never there.

As far as the crew is concerned, we only employ the most responsible and courteous employees we can find. This is important to us because we want only trustworthy employees entering our customer’s houses.

For larger jobs, we will send a team of crew members. They are very proficient at working together as a team to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With a mindset towards keeping the environment safe, we know exactly where to take carpeting for donation, if possible, or for carpet recycling.

By providing you with our services, it will take a big burden off your shoulders. In doing so, we will hand you a bill that proves our services are competitive and affordable. It’s our hope that you would call us in the future for other junk/trash removal projects.

How do you pull up carpet?

How to remove carpet is not a complicated process, but it can get messy if you don’t do it the right way. It might also be time-consuming if the carpet is covering a large area.

The right way to proceed with carpet removal is to first figure out how to rip up carpet from the tack strips along your baseboards. After you have released the carpet, you would want to cut the mass into smaller portions that are easier to carry throughout the house and ultimately dispose of.

How do you remove carpet glue?

Many times, carpet layers will use glue to secure the carpet to the home’s foundation prior to tacking it down. Also, indoor/outdoor carpets don’t always require tacking, relying solely on a gluing process. To remove residual glue, here is a step-by-step process:


Step #1:

Scrap as much glue up as possible with a razor, scraper, or 5-in-1 tool


Step #2:

Apply hot water or steam to loosen up the remaining glue


Step #3:

Go through the scraping process again, doing so as many times as necessary until all the glue has been removed

How do you remove carpet tack strips?

After removing the carpet and any residual glue, the only thing remaining should be removing the tack strips if any. Assuming you can’t reuse them when laying new carpet, you will want to remove them. Here is a step-by-step process to remove tack strips.


Step #1:

Find the nailing points along your tack strips


Step #2:

Place a pry bar under the nailing point


Step #3:

Hitting the top of the pry bar should pop the nail up


Step #4:

Complete the process throughout the room until all strips are free


Step #5:

Dispose of the tack strips in a heavy-duty trash bag, breaking them into smaller pieces when necessary. Be careful because the tacks are sharp


Step #6:

Finish by sweeping up the area of any remaining debris

Removing carpet from stairs

How do you remove carpet tack strips?

This process is very similar to removing carpet from a room with just a couple of exceptions. When pulling the carpet up from the tack strips, pull it to the edge of each stair. From there, it will be easier to manage the process by using a utility knife to cut the carpet into smaller sections as you work vertically up the stairs. After the carpet has been removed, you can proceed to remove tack strips and clean as described above.

Can you throw carpet in a dumpster?

If you have smaller swatches of carpeting, you can attempt to place them in a dumpster or at the curbside for pickup. However, there is a good chance your trash collection company will refuse to dispose of it on your behalf. If that were to happen, it would be up to you to take it to a designated waste drop-off point. As a better alternative, you could contact Clutter Trucker and let us handle the entire carpet disposal process on your behalf.

Is carpet recyclable?

If you are simply removing your carpet because of wanting to upgrade to something else, there is a chance your current carpeting is still in reasonable shape. If so, someone might be willing to take it off your hands for free. The challenge will be finding someone to come and get it.

Since carpets are made with useful raw materials, carpet recycling is always a possibility. That’s always a good alternative since an increasing number of landfills are reluctant to take carpet products because they are not biodegradable. A full-service recycling center should be able to separate the raw materials and send them on to manufactures that can reuse the materials and save money.

Is carpet recyclable?

How do you get rid of carpet beetles?

If part of your motivation for carpet removal is a carpet beetle problem, removing the carpet won’t resolve the entire issue. You will want to take other steps to make sure these insects don’t continue interfering with your life.

Some steps you should take include a thorough vacuuming and cleaning of your carpet and furniture upholstery. You will also want to wash any clothes that might have come in contact with infected areas. You will want to use a strong disinfectant on the inside to make sure you kill the bugs. Outside the house, you would want to try to locate the nest area and use insecticides to kill the remaining little critters to keep them from getting back inside.

How do we work?

For the benefit of customers like you, we prefer to keep the carpet disposal process as simple as possible.

You can start by giving us a call at the number listed on our website. We proudly serve the areas of Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Arvada, Castle Rock, Littleton, and many adjacent areas.

After your initial call, we will contact you within 30 minutes to schedule an appointment. Upon arriving at your location, one of our lead crew members will assess your needs and give you a quote for our services. The price will be up-front and all-inclusive.

As soon as you give us the green light, our crew will proceed with great care and caution to remove any and all the old carpet. Furthermore, they will make sure it is disposed of in the best way possible.

All that’s remaining will be for us to issue you an affordable invoice, collect the payment, and leave you knowing why Clutter Trucker is one of the best, if not the best, junk/trash removal companies in the region.