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Clutter Trucker Junk Removal Denver CO

Clutter Trucker Junk Removal Denver CO

Clutter Trucker is a highly-rated company that provides junk removal in Denver CO

If you are in the house with a hoarder, you understand how much junk can accumulate quickly. Junk and other debris doesn’t look nice on your lawn, and it can even cause you to get citations against you, and you could even have your home taken away from you. However, most people cannot begin junk removal, because they do not know how to get rid of their junk effectively.

The Clutter Trucker Professionals Can Help

A hoarding cleanup is nearly impossible if you do not have a large truck or trailer to haul it away. It can also be a monumental task to get all of that junk in a trailor or truck, and then you have to know how to get it dumped correctly. Illegal dumping comes with heavy fines.

Instead of attempting to do this yourself, you should contact Clutter Trucker and use our junk removal services. We will get rid of all of your junk. Clutter Trucker will always do the proper job, and make cleaning a simple task.  If you are looking for a good junk removal, hoarding cleanup, and junk hauling service in the Denver Metro Area, call us and we will eliminate your junk and clutter today!

What We Do

Clutter Trucker junk removal service specializes in swiftly and effectively removing junk and clutter from your home, yard, or garage. We have more than eight years of experience and we are a highly rated junk removal company with offices in Englewood CO, and Aurora CO. Clutter Trucker is a green minded hoarding clean up company. We recycle any items that we can to help protect our fragile environment. Anything that cannot be recycled or donated will be safely and legally disposed of by our professional team.

Contact Clutter Trucker today to find out about our highly rated services and affordable rates.

What Is Junk Removal?

The junk removal industry helps individuals and businesses eliminate all the clutter that can build up in homes, large or small garages, offices and yards. In many cases, standard trash/waste services just can’t take everything you have or will flatly refuse to take old furniture or other large items. Even business owners turn to junk removal companies after a renovation to get rid of construction debris leftover after a job.

For junk removal Denver residents use trusted, experienced companies like Clutter Trucker for large and small jobs. Whatever your regular trash removal service won’t or can’t take away, Clutter Trucker will.  

The History of Junk Removal

As far back as the 1700s, people were coming up with organized junk, trash and debris removal methods in places where unwanted things built up, like big cities and near large homes. Later, in the 1800s, social organizations got serious about junk removal and hoarding cleanup in order to stop the spread of diseases like cholera. Finally, in the 1900s, with the widespread use of automobiles, numerous junk removal businesses began taking care of over-sized items that municipal trash services couldn’t handle. Today, for junk removal Denver residents, and people who live in cities of all sizes, rely on professional, established junk removal businesses to collect, load and properly discard whatever someone needs to get rid of. 

Global Trash Problems in US

The global buildup of trash and junk has gone on without a pause since there have been human communities on earth. But since the population has grown to very high levels in the past several centuries, societies now face the prospect of diminishing land resources for trash disposal.

In the U.S., there are currently about 2,000 landfills, but more are being built every year as the annual waste accumulation continues unabated. Every single year, Americans create more than 250 million tons of disposable waste. It has to go somewhere, and landfills are the only legal endpoint for all sorts of reasons. For one thing, unless trash can be recycled, laws require it to be placed in landfills.

Once there, the stuff decays and produces carbon dioxide, methane and other chemical byproducts. All those chemicals have to be treated, burned or released into the atmosphere. Eventually, some experts think that even nations with organized waste disposal plans, like the U.S., will run out of viable landfill space and will be forced to find other ways to deal with garbage and junk that can’t be recycled.

Recycle Junk!

Fortunately, the concept of recycling, present since ancient times, has become one of the main solutions to the global trash dilemma. From the early 1960s until today, U.S. residents have significantly upped the amount of trash and junk they recycle. For example, between 1960 and 2013, U.S. trash recycling rates rose from just six percent to 34 percent, meaning that we now recycle more than one-third of those 250 million tons of stuff we toss into trash and garbage bins each year.

Experts say the key to increasing the recycling rate lies with individuals and what they decide to do with their trash, garbage and junk. It’s important to know what happens after you let a hoarding cleanup or junk removal service take things away. Does it immediately go to landfills, where it will have to be separated and carefully monitored as it breaks down into methane and carbon dioxide, both of which are environmentally harmful?

Or, does your junk removal service carefully categorize every item to see what can be donated to charity, recycled or re-used? Responsible junk removal firms always keep one eye on the environment when they take a load of clutter or excess stuff away from a house or business. Make sure you know the fate of your debris whenever you have someone haul it away, whether it’ the local trash service or a junk removal company you hire to do the job.


There are three things consumers need to remember when they notice junk piling up at home or in their office.

  • Get the job done asap: Hiring a professional, experience removal service sooner, rather than later, is the smartest way to proceed. Waiting only makes the problem worse, ends up costing you more to have things taken away and can create a more serious health hazard as time passes. The time to get rid of clutter, hoarded items, worthless furniture and other out-sized items is now. Waiting does no good whatsoever.

  • Know your hauler: It seems almost too easy to just look up a junk removal service online and choose the first name you see. That’s a big mistake. As with any other type of business, there are good, better and best companies out there. Know the background and experience of whichever one your hire. It’s your money, after all, so you should make the decision based on your needs.

  • Experience matters: Will the junk removal service you hire show up on time with a professional team that works quickly and gets every last piece of refuse? Will you be charged a fair price by a reliable, local firm that has a solid reputation and hundreds of satisfied former clients? Will the company recycle as many of the items as possible, donating usable things to local charities? Finally, will the team remove, load and haul away everything by themselves, so you don’t have to lift a finger?

Clutter Trucker gets your junk removal needs taken care of as soon as you call, has a solid reputation and years of experience. Don’t let your junk continue to be a problem or a health hazard. Contact Clutter Trucker Junk Removal now and get started.