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Why should you hire a professional office building cleaning company?

Top Reasons for Hiring a Professional Office Building Cleaning Company

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Most business owners try to focus on their core skills. If you manufacture furniture, that’s your central task. That’s why it’s wise to leave peripheral jobs, like cleaning, security, general maintenance, and phone answering to hired teams of sub-contractors or a small in-house group of workers. When it comes to office building cleaning in Denver is a huge market for firms that specialize in the business cleaning niche service.

Here’s a quick look at why the huge majority of business owners usually hire a professional office cleaning company and what those services include:

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Team for Your Office?

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In most cases, owners and managers responsible for delegating key tasks opt to hire local office building cleaning crews to come in during off-hours and get the place sparkling fresh, disinfected and looking great. Why? It’s all about the bottom line, directly or indirectly.

A clean, uncluttered workspace means happier, more productive employees, clients who see a professional-looking office when they happen to visit and a hygienic place to get things done. What’s more, outsourcing the cleaning tasks is an efficient way for owners to save time and money.

You see office cleaning services going about their jobs at night whenever you drive by a bank, school, manufacturing firm or any other type of enterprise. In the office cleaning business, “9 to 5” is more like “6 to 2,” and that’s PM to AM for most cleaning companies. But why hire these specialists to sanitize the space, vacuum floors and take out your trash? For most types of commercial cleaning, Denver corporations turn to outside agencies to get the job done.

Here are the prime reasons owners give for paying others to clean their office space:

  • 1. Cleaners Save Money and Time: In-house cleaning teams are nowhere near as efficient as professional services, whose workers do nothing but keep offices clean. Out-sourced cleaners work quickly and efficiently, have the best equipment and can add special services upon request.
  • 2. Customers Like Clean Offices and Rest Rooms: If your customers ever see your office, hiring a cleaning service is essential. One recent survey noted that the top complaint among customers who see the inside of offices is “dirty restrooms.” In fact, when the entire office looks clean and fresh, you make a positive impression on any client who visits.
  • 3. Higher Morale: Studies have demonstrated that a clean workspace contributes to employee morale in a direct and significant way. After all, who would want to work in a dank, dingy space day after day? People who spend their workdays in fresh, hygienic offices report overall better job satisfaction in a variety of different categories.
  • 4. Better Hygiene: Business owners know that a dirty office can lead to colds, flu and other medical maladies among the workforce. There’s no need to lose profits due to employee illnesses. A clean office means fewer germs, much better air quality and fewer hazards, like puddles of water on restroom floors. It just makes good business sense to keep the workplace clean, but hygiene is the key to healthier, more productive workers.

What Do Professional Cleaning Companies Do?

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All office cleaners, like restaurants, have slightly different menus. For most, however, the basic service package includes vacuuming all carpets, sweeping non-carpeted spaces, mopping floors at least every other visit, picking up and throwing out the trash, cleaning/disinfecting restrooms, buffing floors when needed, dusting, restocking all restroom and kitchenette supplies, washing windows.

Cleaning companies routinely meet with business owners or managers before starting a regular service. This initial meeting is important because it’s when “the checklist” is created. Cleaners show a comprehensive listing to potential clients and ask them to check-mark services they need. For example, some offices have no windows or hard floors, so there’s no need for mopping or window cleaning.

Other offices might need special types of services whose prices will be negotiated before a contract is signed. Clients might request that all workers be bonded and security-screened before being allowed on the premises. Precautions like these are common for government buildings, banks, real estate, and high-security manufacturing firms.

After a checklist is agreed to and a contract signed, the cleaning company will all the office addresses to its regular route. Office building cleaning visits can be nightly, weekly, or at whatever frequency the owners want. High-frequency and daily clients usually get generous price breaks from office building cleaning companies.

Making the Decision to Hire the Best

For companies that do commercial cleaning, Denver is one of the nation’s largest markets. “Cleaning service” is one of the standard items that appear as an expense on business tax returns. Owners are allowed to deduct the cost of the service directly from their reported income in most cases, just as they can deduct numerous other legitimate service costs like security, painting, plumbing, and electrical work.

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